Samsung Powerbot R7260 Pet Plus

Samsung POWERbot R7260 Pet Plus Review – The Truth About A Leading Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Samsung POWERbot R7260 Pet Plus Review – The Truth About A Leading Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1024 683 Jennifer Dean

To the regular homeowner, a vacuum cleaner is nothing but a tool. Unless you have back problems, no time or other issues that might prevent you from doing such household chores, chances are you can get along with any kind of cleaner.

Everything changes to 180 degrees when you get a pet – or more, like me. At this point, vacuum cleaning becomes a challenge, so you have to opt for quality and quality and power. This is when I realized how important it is to get a top notch product. This Samsung POWERbot R7260 Pet Plus hands- on review will tell you everything you need to know upfront.

Samsung POWERbot R7260 Tested

I do not mind doing dishes, ironing or stuff like that, but vacuuming is killing me. Not only does it break my back, but it makes me sweat, and I can see pet hair as soon as I am done. It feels like wasting time, honestly. I got the new Samsung POWERbot R7260 at a friend’s recommendation and… Wow!

Features and specifications

Samsung POWERbot R7260 Pet Plus Vacuum

This was my first robot vacuum cleaner, so I could not compare it to anything else. I was impressed once I got my hands on it though.

Suction power

Rotating Brush

Alright, so suction power is what you need if you have pets. To me, this was the biggest issue with previous cleaners. I had to manually brush carpets on my knees to take the pet hair out, then vacuum – terrible. This unit comes with impressive suction power.

I got a second robot vacuum cleaner later on – a different brand, a different model, but nothing beats this one. Do you know how you try a vacuum cleaner by putting your hands under it while turning it on? This little guy feels like it is about to suck your fingers in – no more brushing, baby!

Wireless connectivity

Samsung POWERbot Smartphone App Control

My baby robot had a complete manual of instructions with everything you need to know. I set it up straight away – a matter of minutes only. It connects wirelessly to your local network. You can then download a app by Samsung and have full control over it.

I know – you are supposed to have it clean around, but it feels so lovely moving it around through your smartphone. If only it had a claw to get it to bring you stuff while in bed… All in all, it also works with voice-enabled devices like Alexa, Google Assistant, Bixby and others. I do not have any of them, but it is worth noting that you can do it.

Corner cleaning

R7260 Underside Wheels

The suction power and capabilities on carpets were more than enough for me. This robot got me in the first run, and I was like wow! Anyway, it hit me later on – it is round, right? How am I supposed to clean corners then? I bet no one thought about it, but Samsung did.

The so-called edge clean master is basically a rubber blade that comes out of the robot. It will go in corners, on edges, by the walls and so on. It has some sort of sensors that detect such areas, so there are no problems here.

In other words, it is more advanced than those first circular robots that hit the market. You can definitely relax and let your little friend do all the work – and trust me what I say that it does a marvelous job on carpets. You can, however, set it up for hard or other types of surfaces too.

Cleaning map

PowerBot Room Scan Map Coverage

It took me a few days to get used to all the features. I discovered something new every time I used it. Take the mapping system, for example. I turned the robot on and did dishes meanwhile. It started in the entryway and I found it in the living room. There are two bedrooms between the living room and the entryway. Did it do the other rooms?

At first, I thought I would have to keep an eye on it and see what it does. I came closer to the carpets to check and they seemed done. But then, I discovered the mapping function. Based on cameras and sensors, it will provide a coverage map through the app – you can see what areas have been cleaned and what the next areas are.

Point cleaning

Point Cleaning Feature

I loved the fact that you can point to a particular area and the cleaner will simply do it. For instance, when one of my dogs sits around for too long and scratches, there will be small amounts of hair in that area. You do not have to do a full cycle to get that area cleaned.

Instead, you have point cleaning. You just target the area that requires vacuuming and your carpet will look brand new right away. Since this feature works on demand, the robot cleaner will stop by itself right away.

Functionality and working principles

So, how does Samsung POWERbot R7260 work?


Again, this was my first robot vacuum cleaner, so I was a bit worried it might be too much for me – I am not such a big technology freak. Luckily, the manual of instructions is quite detailed, so you just cannot go wrong. Putting it together took a few minutes. It took me another few minutes to download and set the application. You have to create an account, log to it and connect the cleaner to the WiFi network.

You have to charge it first. It took about 70 minutes. To help you get an idea, I did a full run of the house within 55 minutes and it was still going. I started all over again to figure out how long it would take to drain the battery – the manual says about 90 minutes. I drained it in 70 minutes.

There is a turbo mode that drains it even faster – about 40 minutes.


My previous cleaner was good, but I still had to brush some hair off the carpet upfront. This one sucked everything in. I brushed right after to see if there is anything behind – spotless. I have one cat and two Labradors, so you can imagine how hairy my carpets are.

There is a bit of hardwood in the living room and around corners – no issues at all. The mix of suction power, brushing capabilities and corner cleaning features was just perfect for my house.

Samsung POWERbot R7269 can overcome small obstacles – such as going back from the hardwood to the carpet. If there is a problem, it backs up a bit and tries on a different angle. It features large wheels that can easily get over wires, door frames and other similar obstacles.


Samsung POWERbot Engine Dust Storage
It will take the robot a few apparently random runs to map the house – perfectly fine. A run takes around half an hour – entryway, living room, two bathrooms and three bedrooms. As you go through its settings, you will find options to schedule cleaning, control it manually or set some spots for cleaning. You can use a remote control or the application.

I have not been able to test this because my house is not so big, but if the robot cannot clean the house in one run, it will return to the docking station, recharge and go back to finish the job. How cool is that?

Maintenance? Forget about it. The robot will automatically remove pet hair collecting around the brush. You still have to clean the recipient occasionally, but the brush is always clear.

What I like about it

Samsung POWERbot Washing After Use

Being my first robot vacuum cleaner, I loved everything about it. But with time, I got others and managed to make a comparison. I liked the cleaning edge that goes around corners and ensures a perfect cleaning result.

Also, you turn the thing on and chill. Out of battery? No problem. It goes back to charge by itself, then comes back. You literally do not have to worry about anything.

Then, if you have pets, it is perfect. We all know how daunting it is to get pet hair out of carpets, especially the one pressed down. This cleaner has impressive suction power and will make carpets look brand new.

Cleaning and washing the dust bin after use is quick and easy too.

What I do not like about it

Samsung POWERbot Closeup CycloneForce

Alright, this one might be a bit personal, but I was a bit disappointed by how my pets reacted. Dogs wanted to bite it and play with it, while my cat kept hiding in other rooms.

Compared to other similar items

Over time, I have tried a few other robot vacuum cleaners – one for myself, one for my mother and another one for my in laws, great gifts. I thought I would impress them with Dyson’s robot cleaner. I got the robot vacuum from Roomba for my mom. Obviously, I tried them out first, so I could make a comparison and teach them how to use them – you know, old people and technology are like cats and dogs.

While they did a decent job, the suction power and the cleaning edge make the difference. In other words, Samsung POWERbot R7260 is more powerful and efficient. It feels like Samsung waited for other manufacturers to develop their best ideas, then it added some improvements to make them perfect.

Final words

Samsung POWERbot R7260 Suction Power

Bottom line, Samsung POWERbot R7260 is currently the top edge product in this range. There are no doubts about it – it is a smart tool designed by a top manufacturer that makes you feel like you have your own butler – nothing else to add.


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