Avoid The Top 13 Carpet Stain Removal Mistakes!

Avoid The Top 13 Carpet Stain Removal Mistakes! 1024 727 Rachelle Stone

Carpet Stain Removal: What Not to Do

Carpet Stain Removal

Carpets are available in all colors and designs, but the right blend of color and design that matches with the home’s décor is certainly the best choice. However, it takes no time for such a nice look to get spoiled in a few seconds by a nasty stain. Behold, your comfort and warmth provider now becomes a source of filth and irritation!

Carpet stains are truly common to happen on carpets in the form of soiled footwear, pet actions, and liquid spills. Carpet and rug that cover large spaces in a home are more susceptible to such stains. This calls for on-the-spot cleaning of the carpet to remove the stains. Otherwise, the accidental carpet stain can damage the carpet if not cleaned instantly. Due to lack of experience or ideal cleaning equipment, we often commit many unintentional mistakes that can worsen the issue instead of removing the stubborn stain.

Here are my top 13 tips on what NOT TO DO when dealing with stained carpets so that you can avoid doing irreversible damage to your beautiful and expensive rugs.

DO NOT delay the carpet stain removal procedure. Dig out the solids while absorbing the liquids with a clean, white and soft cloth.

AVOID using a carpet cleaning solution without taking its color test by applying to a discreet area.

DO NOT scrub or wipe, not even gently. Tenderly tackle the carpet stain with a stain remover so that the stain does not penetrate more profoundly into the fibers. Rather, consider blotting with a towel.

• Similarly, you SHOULD NOT rub the spill on the carpet. Doing so pushes the spill more deeply into the carpet to fray the fibers by rubbing too hard.

DO NOT stop using the clean cloths until the stain completely goes away from the blotting cloth.

NEVER ever over- wet the carpet. This means you should mix water in a moderate amount with the liquid cleaning solution, as water in excess can seep in and ruin the delicate backing of the carpet.

DO NOT apply too much of liquid cleaner or soap. It is because soap leaves behind residue, which is even possible with the cleaner. The presence of too much residue increases the risk of future staining.

AVOID completion of your task without rinsing. It is essential to rinse the cleaned spot after applying any detergent, stain remover, or solvent. Doing so removes residue, which otherwise, invite dirt to bring the stain back to your carpet.

DO NOT directly dip your cleaning cloth into a bucket of hot water. Yes, hot water is excellent for removing stains and killing bacteria, but you may burn your hands due to the high temperature. Instead, use a heated carpet extractor or carpet cleaner that holds hot water in its water tanks.

DO NOT apply any solvent to the stained area directly. You should use it only if there is proper ventilation as well as protection from sparks.

• For removing stains such as lipstick or hair dye on cotton carpets, DO NOT use hot water. The right way is to use cold water to prevent shrinkage of the carpet.

AVOID using alcohol on acrylic surfaces.

NEVER ever air dry your carpet. Air drying will lead to visible rings on the surface. Therefore, it is recommended that you covered that cleaned spot with porous white cloths on top of which you can put a stainless heavy object and allow it dry overnight.

Different carpet materials and textures indeed demand different cleaning and care methods. However, my tips above apply to most of them.

While you may remove fresh carpet stains with just a regular cleaning cloth, it is highly recommended to get a professional carpet cleaning machine for your home or a portable spot cleaner for a more thorough scrubbing and removing very stubborn stains. Even when your carpet looks clean, you might be surprised how dirty it is deep inside!

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