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A Detailed Review Of The EDIC Galaxy 2000SX-HR (Heat Ready) Commercial Carpet Cleaning Extractor

Over the course of many years, I have encountered some horrific scenes which would turn a lot of individuals’ stomachs. These sights were ungodly horrific and emitted a horrendous odor, which would stick with you for the rest of your days. No, I am not a police officer, EMT or forensic investigator. I just happen to clean an abundance of carpets, as a professional carpet cleaner.

As lovely, comfortable and beautiful as carpet can be, a small accident can result in a disastrous mess. This is why I invested in the EDIC Galaxy Commercial Carpet Cleaning Extractor. Is this carpet extractor truly worth the price? I has truly enhanced my productivity level and made my daily business activities tremendously easier. You will be able to find out more below!


EDIC Galaxy 2000 Series Full Shot

Full product shot of the EDIC Galaxy 2000 Series

In order for a carpet extractor to be convenient and effective, it needs to be easily portable. I am not Hercules, so I could not recommend one of these machines if it weighs over 100 pounds or so. The EDIC Galaxy is undoubtedly a little bit heavier than some of its competitors.

At 78 pounds, I would be foolish to try and lift it on my own, as this would most certainly result in a lengthy hospital stay. However, the weight of this carpet extractor is truly nullified, thanks to the convenient design.

The unit comes equipped with four wheels and a push handle. The front wheels swivel around, so the unit maintains extreme maneuverability at all times. I am lucky enough to own a truck ramp, so I am never forced to physically lift the unit, but I would assume two young bucks would be able to handle it, without great difficulty.

Size And Weight

Setting up the EDIC Galaxy 2000SX-HR

Setting up the EDIC Galaxy 2000

Although the weight of the unit has already been examined above, I do recommend looking at it in conjunction with the unit’s dimensions. The EDIC Galaxy Carpet Extractor measures in at 31 by 18 by 35 inches. Again, it weighs 78 pounds. When taking these factors into account, it would be impossible for a single individual to physically lift and move the unit about, without assistance. However, the unit’s compact stature is fairly advantageous.

As long as you’ve got a truck or a van, that isn’t cluttered, the unit will easily slide right inside, so it can be transported easily from one location to the next.

As beautiful as the blue and grey color scheme is, I couldn’t refer to this carpet extractor as a work of art and prefer to keep it hidden away, when it is not in use. In this regard, the compact size and easy portability of the machine are both beneficial.

Examining Performance

All of the factors above would matter very little if the EDIC Galaxy Carpet Extractor didn’t deliver a satisfying performance. To date, I have ridden this puppy hard, and it has managed to keep on kicking.

Super Clean, Super Performance

The carpet looks brand new again!

It comes with dual 2-stage motors, which are capable of delivering 100 PSI of power. Although there are substantially more powerful alternatives out there, the 100-PSI is surprisingly sufficient and delivers a lot of suctioning power. For the majority of consumers, I can guarantee that this amount of force will be more than enough to get the job done!

EDIC Galaxy Water Tank

Dual tank in action

One of my favorite features contributed to the EDIC Galaxy Carpet Extractor is its dual tanks. Not only does this unit come equipped with a 12-gallon solution tank, but it also has a handy 11-gallon recovery tank.

Whether I am cleaning a shanty, hut, or a million-dollar mansion, I very rarely need to stop and refill the tanks before continuing onward. This helps to improve my productivity level substantially. For commercial use, this is absolutely vital and ultimately helps to increase the product’s value greatly.

EDIC Galaxy Hose

High quality hose included

Finally, the EDIC Galaxy Carpet Extractor cleaning machine comes with a 25’ vacuum and solution hose. I have experimented with a lot of carpet extractors and the majority fails to match this quality. Most tend to fall well below the 20’ mark and 25’ might be a bit excessive, but it is undoubtedly perfect for commercial use.

With the excessively lengthy hose and the unit’s 150” water lift, there isn’t much that this carpet extractor cannot do! In fact, there are few alternatives which are capable of paralleling the performance of the EDIC Galaxy.

Edic Galaxy Accessories

Must have cleaning wand and upholstery tool

I also highly recommend you to add the GlideMaster stainless dual jet S-Bend carpet cleaning wand and the stainless steel upholstery furniture and auto detailing hand tool wand to your shopping list for a complete high-efficiency all purpose cleaning package.

Overall Value

Edic Galaxy In Use

Let’s do some serious cleaning today!

Frequently, my friends and colleagues refer to me as a penny pincher. Although this might be the case, I am also well aware of a good deal, when I see one. If an investment is undeniably worth it, I can easily make a justification for it, as I did with the EDIC Galaxy.

When it comes to overall value, this carpet extractor is great. It delivers a good performance, comes with dual motors, and is equipped with a sufficiently long hose. The polyethylene body of the unit is covered by a lifetime warranty, while EDIC offers a 5-year warranty for parts and labor.

When these factors are taken into account, the Galaxy 2000SX-HR is truly an excellent value overall. The only minute downfall is the lack of an internal heater, but it is designed in this way because by not having the heater enclosed in the machine, all the internal parts will run much cooler which results in prolonging the life of the vacuum and pump motors.

An external heater can be purchased separately or you can upgrade to a more powerful model (review below) that is bundled with a mighty external heater.

Upgrading To The 500 PSI Model (EDIC Galaxy 2000CX-HR Carpet Extractor)

EDIC Galaxy External Heater

Super powerful 2000-watt external heater

The 500-PSI EDIC Galaxy 2000CX-HR carpet extractor comes with a very powerful 2000-watt external heater, which is capable of producing 210-degree water continuously. This feature is definitely what makes this cleaning machine so valuable since hot water is a necessity when it comes to tackling set-in grease and dirt buildup.

You can also customize the solution pressure setting from 50-500 accordingly. This will help you reduce solution waste and save you money in the long term.

Although the 500-PSI version is significantly more costly, its additional features and more impressive performance undoubtedly help to justify the price increase. When compared to the 100-PSI model, the upgrade is truly a more powerful bigger brother, which will always overshadow the smaller version.

If you need the biggest, best extractor and plan on tackling stubborn messes, making the upgrade is truly a no-brainer, and I highly recommend doing so! Just remember that the 500-PSI EDIC Galaxy is slightly heavier than the alternative, but this only helps to make the unit much more powerful.

Should You Buy It?

All in all, you truly cannot lose, whether you invest in the EDIC Galaxy 2000 Series 100-PSI (2000SX-HR) or 500-PSI (2000CX-HR) model.

Although the 500-PSI is definitely the complete package, the 100-PSI version is just as impressive and has served me admirably for quite some time.

If you’re serious about keeping your carpets cleaned, I highly recommend either model!

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EDIC Galaxy (2000 series) Carpet Extractor
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