Aqua Power C4 Quick Dry Hot Water Carpet Extractor Review

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A thorough Aqua Power C4 Quick Dry Hot Water Carpet Extractor Review

If you run a small carpet cleaning business, you already know that this can be a love-hate situation. I love carpet because it allows me to walk around without donning socks or shoes, but it really seems to hold a massive amount of dirt and dust. Not to mention that dogs can have an accident on the carpet and can leave a very nasty stain. Needless to say, my job was tremendously more challenging until I found the Aqua Power C4 Quick Dry Hot Water Carpet Extractor.


Aqua Power C4 Product Shot

Aqua Power C4 Full Product Shot

I will not lie to you; this product is rather expensive, but it is well worth the money. The Aqua Power C4 is a genuinely high-quality carpet extractor that has a lot of features to make your cleaning tasks easier. This is one of the same models that you can actually rent for commercial purposes, so you know that it is not going to have a problem handling the dirty carpet in your home.

If cost is a problem, you can consider financing. Many places that sell this product will offer financing if your credit scores are high enough. However, if you’re like me and run a small carpet cleaning business, this product is truly well worth it.


Aqua Power C4 Adjustable Handle

You can adjust the handle to 4 different height position

Not everyone is developed with the same height and build. Don’t you just hate it when you buy a product and find out that you are too short to operate it efficiently? Well, you will not run into this problem with the Aqua Power C4, because the handle actually adjusts to four different height positions. This allows users of all different heights and statures to easily adjust the handle to suit their needs. It also provides extreme comfort when using this model for prolonged periods of time.


I have to say that this machine is a tank. It is rather large, but the large wheels make this extractor super easy to move around. You should not have a problem maneuvering around any object in your home or office workplace. These wheels also come in handy, when it comes time to transporting it from place to place, plus the tires are designed to prevent hard flooring or carpet damage.


Aqua Power C4 High Quality

Aqua Power C4 is made with extremely high quality materials

When I invest a lot of money in a high ticket item, I want to know that it will last. I am sure you desire the same benefit, as well. This C4’s body is constructed of cast aluminum, polyethylene, and stainless steel. These are very strong, durable materials that can endure a lot of punishment. This model is built to stand up to the test of time and take a beating along the way.

This is a great feature for me because I am not the best handler and constantly bumping the machine into items around the home. I never have to worry about damaging the machine, but instead worry about damaging items throughout the home.

Bucket and Solution Tank

Aqua Power C4 Water Tanks

Aqua Power C4 removable water tanks with easy-grip handle

I have to say that one of my favorite features is the 4-gallon bucket and solution tank. These large reservoirs allow me to clean one room without emptying and refilling. This increases my productivity rating significantly, which is a necessity, if you own a commercial carpet cleaning business.

Aqua Power C4 Large Tank Opening

large opening of the water tanks make refilling a breeze

The large tank also makes for easy filling. If you are clumsy like me, you know how hard it can be to try to pour solution into a small hole. You will not have to worry about this with the Aqua Power C4. The extra-large tank has a wide opening that makes filling a snap.

Stair Cleaning Tool

You have probably noticed that in most homes, the stairs are carpeted. This is to prevent people from slipping and while this is super handy, they can be some of the most problematic areas to clean within the home. The stair cleaning tool that is sold separately will make cleaning those pet stains on carpeted stairs a breeze.

Accessory Hook Up

Aqua Power C4 In Action

I have kids and pets in my home, so my furniture sometimes takes a beating and gets rather dirty. However, I would not give up those late evenings of sitting on the couch with the dogs and kids for nothing. The C4 has an accessory hook up that allows the user to connect accessories such as the upholstery and stair cleaning tools to the machine. This feature makes the carpet extractor more versatile, so you can use to clean your upholstery, vehicle, and boat.

Made In America

Aqua Power C4 USA

Aqua Power C4 is made in USA

If you live in the United States like me, you probably already noticed that there are not many products being built here anymore. It seems like everything is coming from China or Taiwan. I simply love the fact that this product is manufactured right here in this great country and it makes me want to support this company even more.

Should You Buy The Aqua Power C4 Carpet Extractor?

Overall, the Aqua Power C4 Quick Dry Hot Water Carpet Extractor is a very powerful carpet extractor that pull out every kind of dirt and stain in your room with its rotary brush. For comparison, the rotary brush is much better than the oscillating brush that comes with Rug Doctor’s carpet cleaning machines.

As the Aqua C4 is built like a tank in high-quality materials, it will offer superior durability with a long service life. Due to the incredible suction power, this machine also delivers very quick drying times. It just happens to be one of the most popular brands on the market.

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Aqua Power C4 Carpet Extactor
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