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Best Commercial Carpet Cleaning Extractors List

See reviews of our top carpet extractors for commercial, home and auto detailing purposes.


Best Household Professional Carpet Extractors & Cleaners List

See reviews of our top professional carpet extractors & cleaners for your home.

Best Portable List

Best Portable Carpet Extractors & Cleaners List

See reviews of our top carpet extractors & cleaners for home spot cleaning and auto detailing use.

Our #1 Best Commercial Carpet Extractor For 2023 – Mytee Lite III 8070

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Our #1 Best Home Carpet Extractor For 2023 – Bissell Big Green 86T3

Bissell Big Green Review

Our #1 Best Portable Carpet Extractor For 2023 – Bissell 3624 SpotClean

Bissell SpotClean Review

Everything You Need To Know About Carpet Extractor & Cleaner

As a homeowner, renter or business owner, you should take the time to keep your place of residence or operations as clean as possible. Cleaning the exterior and interior of the home or storefront is immensely valuable and will help to make your guests or customers feel comfortable, once they arrive. Of course, people are busier than ever before and taking the time out of your day to get on your hands and knees to scrub your floor is anything, but ideal. Thankfully, there is a much more viable and convenient solution to this aged old problem. By investing in a carpet extractor, you will be able to eliminate the mess, without a fuss.

Within this comprehensive guide, you’ll be able to better familiarize yourself with this machine, its purpose, and precisely how to buy one for your residence of place or business. Buckle your seat belt, because it is going to be a bumpy ride!

Carpet Homepage Guide

1. Why Use A Carpet Cleaning Extractor in 2023?

When it comes down to it, many homeowners do not see the purpose of buying one of these products. This is undeniably a mistake and is usually brought about, due to their failure to look at the whole picture. There is no doubt that some carpet cleaning extractors can be costly, but others are not. Regardless of the price, obtaining a suitable carpet extractor can provide you with an abundance of benefits and conveniences, which aren’t available with other carpet cleaning machines. Below, you will learn about the best reasons for investing in a carpet extractor.

Stain Removal

Have you ever attempted to scrub a stubborn stain from your floors? What about bubble gum or chocolate? These foods are tremendously stubborn and will not disappear without a fight. Removing pet stains and odor completely is almost impossible. In fact, you most likely won’t be able to remove the stain on your own accord. This is one of the most notable benefits associated with a carpet extractor.

By investing in one of these machines, you will have a fighting chance against those stubborn stains and odors. These products utilize extremely high heat and immense suctioning power to eliminate those stains, without any difficulty whatsoever. As a matter of fact, the carpet extractor will do all of the work for you. Just aim the nozzle or brush and allow the machine to go to work. Within minutes, that once yummy chocolate will be eradicated.

Removal Of Allergens And Bacterial

As a young child, you most likely familiarized yourself with the dangers of allergens and bacteria. These pesky problems can lead to illnesses and other complications. Although you were likely much more afraid of the cooties, as a youngster, the dangers associated with allergens and bacteria should not be ignored. In fact, these problematic chemicals need to be removed from your home rapidly! Taking action quickly can help to prevent future illnesses, allergic reactions, and other problems.

Although vacuum cleaners and steam mops can eliminate some bacteria, they are slightly ineffective, when compared to the performance turned in by carpet cleaning extractors. In this category, these machines are much more efficient and utilize a combination of heat and suctioning power to eradicate those stubborn allergens and bacteria from your home. If you are the type of individual, who has a lot of allergic reactions throughout the year, a carpet extractor can very well provide you with a prolonged period of relief.

Effortless To Use

Whether you are purchasing a brand new mop, steam mop, or vacuum cleaner, you are looking for a product, which is effortless to use. The above machines can be helpful, but they fail to match the ease of use provided by the carpet extractor. These machines are designed to provide the user with extreme ease of use and freedom. The majority is equipped with wheels at the bottom. This ensures that you will never have to break your back attempting to physically pick up the machine and haul it from one room to the next. At the same time, these products are nearly always equipped with lengthy power cords and even longer suctioning hoses.

The combination helps to ensure that the user does not have to unplug and plug up elsewhere, in order to get the job finished. Not only does this help to ensure that the utilization of the machine is immensely easy, but also it helps to ensure that the job gets completed in a much rapid manner. Within a few minutes, you will find yourself right back on your living room couch, which is exactly where you belong.

Prolong The Life Of Your Carpet

Your home’s carpet is truly an integral part of your residence. If your carpets are clean and fresh, you’ll be able to lay right down on the floor and take a nap. Of course, keeping your home’s carpets clean and tidy is much easier said than done. The process can be complicated and sometimes ungodly, depending on the mess in front of you. However, failing to remove that dirt, debris, or stain from your carpet will degrade the quality of your home and make you replace it much sooner. If you’ve ever been forced to buy a roll of carpet, you should realize that it could be enormously expensive.

Although the price tag of the carpet extractor might seem expensive initially, it can actually prolong the lifespan of your carpet and save you money in the long run. By utilizing the machine to clean your carpets on a regular basis, you will be able to extend the longevity of your carpet and avoid replacing it so soon.

Cheap – Rental vs. Purchasing

You are likely rolling your eyes right now. How could carpet extractors be cheap? Well, when you look at the big picture, you will see that these machines are much more affordable than you could ever imagine. When renting one of these devices, you will be able required to pay an enormous fee. Not only will this fee be required once, but also it’ll be needed numerous times in the future. Renting a carpet extractor several times a year can, in fact, be much more expensive than paying for one upfront.

Of course, the savings do not end there. Many consumers believe that hiring a professional carpet cleaner is a better choice. Although taking this route will definitely take the responsibility out of your hands and help you avoid spending upfront for one of these machines, the services of a professional can be very costly. Yes, you can cheapen it out and contract a very cheap carpet cleaning service company, but in most cases, these inexperienced cleaners would usually do a sloppy job with less than ideal equipment and may even damage your expensive carpet. Utilizing a higher quality professional’s services three or four times will add up and could very well exceed the cost of a brand new carpet extractor. With this in mind, it is generally best to think about the future and make the investment. By doing so, it is actually more cost-effective and will save you a significant amount of money in the long run.


Obtaining added convenience however and whenever possible is highly recommended. Who would not like to make their life a little bit easier? Although there are numerous ways to add convenience to your life, many people ignore their household needs and requirements. By investing in a worthwhile carpet cleaning tool, you will be able to make your life a tiny bit easier for a number of different reasons. As mentioned above, these machines tend to be much more convenient than mops, brooms, vacuums, and steam mops.

The added conveniences do not end there. A carpet extractor can help you avoid getting on your hands and knees while attempting to remove bubble gum, chocolate, or wine from your carpets. These edibles and beverages can be very complicated to eradicate and doing it manually is insane and often ineffective. Sure, you could try those home remedies, but they may complicate the problem and usually require you to break a sweat. Utilizing an extractor is significantly easier and will get the job finished much quicker.

Finally, these machines deliver added convenience in all senses of the word. They are generally easily portable, effortless to use, and require very little assistance on your end.

Carpet Cleaning Process Like a Pro

2. The Cleaning Process

Shampooing carpet can be a timely process if you do not have the right equipment on hand. The appropriate carpet extractor will be able to tackle the dirtiest carpet with set-in stains without issue. There are three steps of the cleaning process that must be completed efficiently, in order to receive positive results. To help you understand this process, a breakdown of the steps has been provided below.

Begin by vacuuming the carpet thoroughly to remove loose dirt and dust, so that it does not interfere with the cleaning process. You will need to remove the furniture from the area if you are planning on shampooing the entire room.

First Step

This step involves treating the set-in stains. A commercial-strength stain removal spray will work more efficiently for stains that are embedded deep down in the carpet. This step will require a bit of strenuous work, but it is necessary to remove the stain completely. Moisten the area using a damp sponge, spray the solution directly on top of the stain, leave it in place for 10-15 minutes, then scrub thoroughly with a stiff brush.

Second Step

The second step begins after the carpet extractor has been filled with water and cleaning solution. Allow the water to heat up to the maximum temperature level, before commencing. You should try to stay within a 4’ X 4’ area while you are completing this process. Wet the carpet down with the water (steam in some cases) and cleaning solution, let the brushes do their magic, and then suction up the excess liquids. You will repeat this process until all of the carpets in the room are completely shampooed.

Third Step

The last step involves the drying process. The drying time will depend on how powerful the extractor’s vacuum motor system is, which can vary from one model to another. It can take anywhere from 1-3 hours for the average carpet to dry. To prevent moisture damage from occurring to your furniture, be sure to wait until the carpet is completely dry, before replacing back into the room.

As you can see, the cleaning process is genuinely not that complicated, but it can be time-consuming. It is important to follow each step to a tee so that your results will be nothing but a clean, fresh carpet.

Carpet Steam Cleaning VS Hot Water Extraction

3. Hot Water Extraction VS Steam Cleaning

When trying to determine which carpet cleaning method is the most effective, you will need to break down the options, so that you can better understand how they work. The two most efficient carpet cleaning methods involve high-temperature steam and hot water extraction. Now, you may still question which one of these methods works better to freshen and clean the carpet. Below, you will find expert analysis of these methods to help you make a wise decision.

Steam Cleaning

The steam cleaning method requires a high-quality machine that is capable of producing a continuous, high-temperature steam. You will find innumerable models on the market that are suitable for commercial and domestic use, but note commercial cleaners are often more powerful. Steam cleaners often utilize hot steam, cleaning solutions (some cleaners do not recommend using chemicals), powerful brushes, and vacuum suction to remove dissolved dirt from the carpet. While this method is very effective, it does have one downside. If your carpet is extremely thick (shag, wool), the hot steam may not be able to reach down into the depths of the carpet. In this case, the steamer will only clean the top and middle carpet fibers, leaving the very depths of your carpet dirty. Steam will work much better for loop carpet, which has a smooth, flat surface.

Hot Water Extraction

This method requires a carpet extractor that is equipped with a powerful vacuum motor, agitation brushes, and solution pump. All commercial carpet cleaning companies utilize these machines because they operate in a more efficient manner than any other machine on the market. The powerful solution pump will be able to force the hot water and cleaning chemicals down into the depths of the carpet, while the rotating brushes work diligently to dislodge the dirt. Once this process is complete, the powerful vacuum motor will suction up the dirt, debris, allergens, and excess liquids.

After reading about these two carpet-cleaning methods, you should easily see that the hot water extraction method can clean carpet more thoroughly, in most cases. If you want your carpet to be fresh and clean, after the cleaning process is complete, it is crucial to select from one of these methods. Buyer Guide


4. Buyer’s Guide On Selecting A New Carpet Extractor

Although it is true that any carpet extractor can provide you with innumerable benefits, it is essential to know that not all extractors are made equal. There are numerous differentials between each model, and they are all unique in one way or another. Rushing out and purchasing the first carpet cleaning extractor you come across could be a major mistake. With this in mind, it is essential to investigate each machine, its benefits, and its cons. Below, you’ll find information, which can help make choosing the best carpet extractors and cleaners for your requirement much easier.

Brands You Can Trust


• Mytee

Mytee is a very well-known household name that produces some of the finest carpet extractors on the market. The company has been in business for more than 20 years and counting, which says a lot about their ability to satisfy global consumers. Even though Mytee began in a garage, it has grown into one of the most successful companies in the world. Now, the oldest reigning company in the carpet cleaning industry, it continues to strive for a 100% customer satisfaction rating.

• Bissell

Bissell is another successful company that produces a long list of cleaning products for the average homeowner. Not only are most of these products affordable, but also they designed to offer efficiency, convenience, durability, and superior floor cleaning. Melville Bissell founded Bissell in 1876. When looking at this extended tenure, it is evident that Bissell has been able to overcome the many economic declines throughout the years and continues to reign as one of the most successful companies in the world.

• Hoover

Hoover was founded by W.H. Hoover, but his friends knew him as Boss. The Hoover Company opened its doors in 1908 and began offering Americans various floor-cleaning products to make their cleaning tasks easier and less time-consuming. Even though the U.S. Company broke off from the European company, it continues to sell their products to the global market.

These three companies continue to reign at the top of the carpet cleaning industry. The main reason for this is because of their extremely high customer satisfaction rating. It is important to note that you may need to spend a little extra cash for a high-quality brand carpet-cleaning machine, but quality brands last longer, while the inferior brand tends to fade away to non-existence.

Different Types of Carpet Cleaning Machines

When it comes to shopping for a carpet-cleaning machine, one must decide which type will best suit their needs and preferences. One important factor that must be taken into consideration is how you plan to use the machine. For instance, if you have wall-to-wall carpet in your home, you will definitely need a professional or commercial-type machine. To help you understand the different models available on the market, a breakdown of each is provided below.

• Commercial

Commercial carpet cleaning extractors are equipped with the most powerful components. These extractors are capable of operating for extended periods of time, under extreme duress, and producing positive results, without issue. Commercial carpet cleaning can definitely take its toll on any machine, which is why it is necessary to select a reputable brand with a high customer rating. Remember, if you experience equipment mechanical failures and employee downtime, you will lose money, which are things that you want to avoid altogether.

• Residential

Household professional carpet cleaners are designed to offer homemakers convenience and long service life. With this being said, most domestic type carpet cleaners will have a lower price tag than the commercial-grade machine. This does not mean that you should expect to receive a lower quality service from these cleaners, but only that it is designed for home uses. These carpet cleaners also have a lightweight design, so that the homemaker can easily transport them from room to room. This cannot be said about the commercial type machine, which is equipped with large wheels for more portability.

• Portable

Portable carpet cleaners are mostly designed for spot cleaning. These machines can be utilized between extensive carpet cleaning tasks and work perfectly to remove stains left behind by children and pets. You will find several portable models on the market that offer a hands-free cleaning solution, which is undeniably a remarkable convenience for busy homeowners. Most brands are equipped with a flexible suctioning hose and cleaner head, which are embedded with stiff brushes. These portable models offer more diversity since you can utilize them for cleaning your vehicle and home.

• Auto Detailing

Auto-Detailing carpet cleaners are designed with car interior cleaning in mind. Most if not all the types of carpet cleaning machines mentioned above can be used for this function. Whether you use a commercial grade carpet extractor, residential or portable cleaners largely depend on your needs, budget, and space to store and use it. More powerful extractors are obviously ideal for removing very stubborn stains while portables are perfect for apartment homeowners who can carry it around with one hand.

Many homeowners often choose to purchase a professional or domestic carpet cleaner, along with a portable model. This way they are not forced to pull out the large carpet extractor, just to tackle a small carpet stain job.

Best For Commercial – Mytee Lite III 8070 Carpet Extractor

An affordable, but very high-quality carpet extractor is a necessity for any commercial carpet cleaning company. The Mytee Lite III is equipped with a powerful 1,000-watt in-line heater, which is capable of producing a maximum water temperature of 210 degrees Fahrenheit. This is one of the best carpet extractors on the market that will not break the bank.

Mytee Lite II Homepage

Notable Specifications

• Equipped with a 15’ flexible suctioning hose
• Limited lifetime manufacture warranty
• 3 Gallon water and solution holding tank
• Upholstery tool also included in the package
• 130” water lift
• More affordable than the competitor brand

Do not pass up this model, because it has so many benefits to offer any commercial cleaner. Read our full review here!

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Best For Home – Bissell Big Green 86T3/86T3Q Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine

The Bissell Big Green 86T3/86T3Q is ranked very high among homeowners. It is equipped with high-quality components and features to make all of your carpet cleaning tasks time-efficient with superb results. Every home needs to be equipped with this machine because it has so much to offer.

Bissell Big Green Homepage

Notable Specifications

• Equipped with very powerful rotating brushes
• Handle is adjustable
• 9’ Flexible suctioning hose
• Additional stair tool included in the package
• Extra-long electrical cable
• Removal tank is larger than most brands

The Bissell Big Green Machine 86T3/86T3Q Carpet Extractor is designed to offer a superior clean every single time. Read our full review here!

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Best For Portable – Bissell 3624 SpotClean Pro Carpet Cleaner

If you are looking for a truly convenient and easily portable carpet extractor, the Bissell 3624 is a no-brainer. This unit can be packed around from one room to the next, without any difficulty or strain. Despite its small stature, this carpet cleaning delivers a big performance and is capable of eradicating even the most stubborn stains. It also comes with an array of beneficial accessories, including a stair tool and tough stain tool. For added peace of mind, the Bissell 3624 is protected by a 2-year limited warranty.

Bissell 3624 Homepage

Notable Specifications

• Very affordable, yet comes with a 2-year warranty
• Lengthy power cord for added ease of use
• Comes with an array of accessories, including a stair and tough stain tool
• Easily portable, great for upholstery, vehicles, and stairs
• Weighs just 17 pounds
• Surprisingly large water tanks for improved productivity

Although the Bissell 3624 SpotClean Pro might be small, its functionality and performance are massive. For those that desire a portable carpet cleaner, this one is undoubtedly well worth checking out in greater depth! Read our full review here!

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Going Green

There are some extractors, which are classified, as green. If you are someone, who truly cares about the environment, one of these specific models will be perfect for you! Of course, you should take the time to learn about the true meaning of a green extractor. These models have share two commonalities. First, they deliver a much better performance in terms of moisture recovery. Secondly, they are much more water-efficient. When comparing these models to less efficient models, the green extractors use a substantially lower quantity of water. This not only helps to protect the environment, but also it can keep the user’s water bill to a minimum!

Adjustable PSI

The extractor’s PSI, or pounds per square inch rating, is incredibly important. Although a higher PSI rating is great, it is generally best to opt for an extractor, which offers an adjustable PSI. By being able to adjust the pressure of the extractor, you will be able to customize its performance for specific types of flooring. When tidying up delicate fabrics, you can turn down the PSI and vice versa.


Although there are many carpet cleaning extractors, which do not heat the cleaning solution, it is typically recommended to stay away from these models. They are considered not nearly as useful as the models, which offer a built-in or external heater. When investing in a carpet extractor, you should know that the cleaning solution will be much more reliable and effective, if it is heated first. This is why it is wise to choose a carpet extractor, which comes with a heater of some type.

Number Of Water Tanks

When exploring your options, you will find that the number of water tanks provided with each can vary. With some extractors, you will be offered with a single water tank for the clean water and another tank for the dirty water. The recovery tank is responsible for holding the dirty water while the solution tank holds the cleaning solution. Some of the bigger and more costly models may come with additional tanks, which are capable of improving the user’s productivity and helping to get the job done, without so many stops.

More tanks may be overkill, but they are perfect for mansions and commercial use.

Tank Size

Although the number of tanks is important, the actual size of the tanks is likely even more so. The majority of households will be well suited with a carpet extractor, which has two tanks, but it is the size of the tanks, which truly matters. Although most homeowners will believe that it is best to obtain an extractor with bigger tanks, this is not always the case. Larger tanks, when filled, will only make the machine heavier and more difficult to move about. With this in mind, you should attempt to find tanks, which are perfect for the size of your home!

The good news is that you will not have a bit of a difficulty in this category. The available tank sizes are incredibly diverse, and shopping around a little bit will help to ensure that you get a size, which best suits your lifestyle and home size. Just remember that opting for a slightly bigger tank than you really need is recommended. This is the case because larger tank will result in fewer stops, during the cleaning process.

Power Cord And Hose Length

There are numerous factors, which are often overlooked. The power cord and hose length definitely fall into this category. Many people fail to recognize that lengthier cords and hoses can be immensely more beneficial and help to make the machine much easier to use. If you’ve ever utilized a vacuum cleaner or extractor, which had an incredibly small cord, you probably grew frustrated very quickly. With a quick yank, the cable likely came out of the outlet, and you were forced to stop and plug it back up. A short cord might be easier to roll back up and put away, but it can substantially diminish your productivity.

With this in mind, you should always put a high emphasis on the length of the power cord and hose. With a longer power cord, you will not have to worry about yanking the cord out of the wall or unplugging and plugging up elsewhere too frequently. The hose length is equally, if not more, important. With a longer hose, you will be able to reach even further and this will help to ensure that you are not forced to overextend yourself. A longer hose is always best for those that will be utilizing the machine on their stairs and hard-to-reach corners.

The Wand

Each individualistic aspect of the carpet extractor is immensely vital, but the wand may be one of the most essential. Unfortunately, many consumers glance over and ignore this component, when making their investment. This is truly a mistake, as a reliable wand can help to get the job done much better and more rapidly. When attempting to narrow down your options and find the best carpet cleaner for the money, it is highly recommended that you check out the quality of the wand carefully!

The wand should be equipped with a brush, which is capable of penetrating deep down into the carpet, so no dirt or debris will be able to escape the extractor’s suctioning power. Of course, the functionality of the wand does not end there. You should remember that some wands are designed to recover moisture. Opting for one of these wands is highly recommended, as doing so will help to ensure that your carpets will dry substantially faster.

If you do not like getting your socks wet, you need your carpets to dry rapidly and a wand, which recovers the moisture after the cleanup, can help ensure that your socks remain dry!

Carpet, Kid and Pet

Body Types

The body type of the carpet extractor is almost certainly the first thing you will notice when scouring your options. Failing to choose a body type, which suits your lifestyle and the size of your home, could result in future problems. With this in mind, it is essential to examine each body type and familiarize yourself with the pros and cons of each. I will break down the different body type options below, so you can do just that.

• Slim

A slim carpet extractor can be incredibly helpful for those, who are living in small dwellings. With a slim body, you can rest assured knowing that you will not have any difficulty storing the machine away after the cleanup has concluded. I also like lean machines, because they are usually lighter in weight and won’t break your back when moved from one location to the next. Just remember that a slim extractor may not be able to deliver the same power, as the slightly bigger and bulkier models.

• Boxy

As the name suggests, a boxy carpet extractor will closely resemble a box. Although they are generally the most powerful machines on the market, they are much bulkier than their counterparts. This makes them somewhat difficult to move about and attempting to store one of these machines can be very complicated. Of course, some homeowners and business owners need a brilliant performance, which takes no prisoners, and this is where the boxy models truly excel.

• Upright

Upright carpet extractors look very similar to vacuum cleaners and work in a similar manner. This not only helps to ensure that you’ll be familiar with the item, but also it makes upright extractors tremendously easy to move around. They are fitted with wheels and maneuvering them throughout the home could not be easier. Also, since these models are usually, tall, slim, and lightweight, they are much easier to store than their bulkier counterparts.

All in all, each body type is great, but only one will fit your specific desires and preferences. With this in mind, you should familiarize yourself with all three, by reading the information above, before making your determination.


There is truly an abundance of factors, which are immensely valuable. Of course, some of these aspects are a little more important than others. The warranty, although frequently overlooked, is undeniably one of the most vital aspects of all. I cannot stress the pertinence of the warranty enough. Although you may never be forced to use the warranty, it’ll provide you with added reassurance, when making the purchase.

If you are actually forced to make contact with the manufacturer and utilize the warranty, you will want to make sure that the warranty will remain valid for a lengthier period of time. Although many extractors offer at least a 90-day warranty, most offer something more comprehensive, and obtaining a longer warranty is highly recommended. Never overlook the warranty, as doing so could leave you in an awful dilemma in the future.

If you must spend a few extra dollars to extend the warranty, you should not hesitate to do so. This action could very well pay dividends in the near future and could help you avoid investing in a brand new carpet extractor!


When scouring the market, you should always take the time to note any certifications, which have been accredited to the extractor. Despite what you may have heard in the past, certifications are not handed out to every product on the market. In fact, carpet extractors, which have obtained the Seal Of Approval, have been able to prove their worth. These particular machines have been put through the wringer and have managed to pass the test with flying colors.

When you see one which has been given the Seal Of Approval, you should give it additional credence. These machines have been tested extensively, and they will be able to withstand the test of time. Therefore, you can maintain your confidence and peace of mind, when investing in one of these machines.


It is foolish to suggest that you should ignore the cost altogether. Whether you are purchasing a cheap pair of shoes, a new computer, or a carpet extractor, the price of the product will always play a role in your decision. Even if you are somewhat a stingy individual, understanding that a stellar deal is always a good thing. Obtaining a worthy product at a low cost is always recommended, but sometimes it is best to bite the bullet and spend a little extra. Remember that spending more will provide you with a better product, which can deliver more awesome performance and much cleaner carpets.

Finally, throwing in a little more money can help you obtain a lengthier warranty. With this in mind, it is absolutely essential to formulate a budget, before moving forward. Take the time to speak with your significant other or business partner and figure out exactly how much you can spend, without being forced to attend bankruptcy court! This will give you the ability to find the best product for your money, without being deceived by the price tag.

CarpetGurus Modern Room

Product Reviews

Now that you have made it this far, you have learned all there is to know about carpet extractors. Congratulations! Of course, you are not finished yet. It is time to better familiarize yourself with the market’s best carpet cleaning extractors and cleaners. The good news is that you have come to the right place! We encourage all readers to take the time to read the comprehensive hands-on product reviews by our panel of expert reviewers.

Please do not rush this investment, as doing so could result in a disastrous future. Check out our best carpet cleaning machine reviews for Commercial, Home, and Portable right now, so you can rest assured knowing you have spent your money in the wisest manner possible!

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I have a confession to make… I love carpets! There, I said it. I know that some people view carpets as outdated or impractical, but I just can’t help but…

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Aqua Pro Vac Review: Is It the Best Value Extractor for Auto Detailing in 2023?
Aqua Pro Vac Review: Is It the Best Value Extractor for Auto Detailing in 2023? 1024 683 Marvin Wallace

Aqua Pro Vac is one of the best appliances that I own. The vacuum is lightweight, and that’s impressive. It is coherent with its operations, and I find it a…

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How to Get Lipstick Out Of a Carpet
How to Remove Lipstick Stains From a Carpet Effectively: A Step-by-Step Guide
How to Remove Lipstick Stains From a Carpet Effectively: A Step-by-Step Guide 1024 576 Jennifer Dean

Lipstick is a beautiful thing. It can make us feel powerful, sexy, and confident. But what happens when it accidentally gets on our carpet? Suddenly, that empowering feeling turns into…

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Carpet Cleaning Solution
The Best Homemade Carpet Cleaner Solution (2023 Recipe)
The Best Homemade Carpet Cleaner Solution (2023 Recipe) 1024 683 Rachelle Stone

Homemade Carpet Stain Remover, The Best Carpet Cleaning Solution Secret Recipe Table of Contents Homemade Carpet Stain Remover, The Best Carpet Cleaning Solution Secret Recipe Ingredients Recipe Top 5 Best…

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tile vs carpet
Should I Tile or Carpet My Floor
Should I Tile or Carpet My Floor 1024 576 Rachelle Stone

When it comes to flooring options, homeowners often find themselves in a pickle, scratching their heads and pondering the eternal question: “Should I go for fancy tile or cozy carpet?”…

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Carpet Cleaning Myths
Top 10 Carpet Cleaning Myths Debunked
Top 10 Carpet Cleaning Myths Debunked 1024 576 Marvin Wallace

Welcome to the exciting world of carpet cleaning myths! Today, we’re going to take a deep dive into the top 10 carpet cleaning myths that have been circulating for years.…

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Indoor Allergens
10 Places Allergens Are Lurking in Your House
10 Places Allergens Are Lurking in Your House 1024 576 Rachelle Stone

As a homeowner, I know how important it is to keep your home clean and free of allergens. But with all the dust, dirt and other hidden particles in our…

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stains orange juice
How to Remove Orange Juice Stains From Carpet
How to Remove Orange Juice Stains From Carpet 1024 576 Rachelle Stone

We’ve all done it; while re-filling your morning OJ, you manage to tip the carton and spill a generous amount right onto your carpet. At first you’re in disbelief, as…

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Are Cleaning Companies Profitable
Are Cleaning Companies Profitable?
Are Cleaning Companies Profitable? 1024 576 Brandon Smith

Home cleaning is fast becoming a popular service in the US. Companies offering home services have raised billions of dollars in venture capital funding and expect that momentum to continue.…

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How to Dry Wet Carpet in the Basement After Flooding
How to Dry Wet Carpet in the Basement After Flooding 1024 576 Brandon Smith

As someone with plenty of experience in the home renovation game, one of the worst disasters you can have in your home is flooding. That often means carpets that are…

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best carpet colors
Here Are the 5 Best Carpet Colors for Your Home in 2023
Here Are the 5 Best Carpet Colors for Your Home in 2023 1024 576 Jennifer Dean

I have been researching the best carpet colors for homes for years. From light neutrals to bolder hues, carpets come in a range of colors that can be used to…

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hair in vacuum
How to Remove Nasty Hair From Your Vacuum Roller Brush
How to Remove Nasty Hair From Your Vacuum Roller Brush 1024 576 Rachelle Stone

Well hello there! I’m sure you’re here because you vacuumed your carpet and now your roller brush is full of nasty hair, right? Don’t worry. We’ve all been there. The…

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Bissell Vs Rug Doctor
Bissell Big Green vs Rug Doctor: Which is the best?
Bissell Big Green vs Rug Doctor: Which is the best? 1024 683 Jennifer Dean

Bissell Big Green V.S Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 Contents IntroductionSimilaritiesContrastsShould You Buy Bissell Big Green or Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3?Making Your Choice!Introduction The Bissell Big Green and the…

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Difference Between Carpet Cleaning and Replacement
Know the Difference Between Needing a Carpet Cleaning or a Replacement
Know the Difference Between Needing a Carpet Cleaning or a Replacement 1024 683 Rachelle Stone

Is your carpet looking pretty grimy and shabby these days? It could either be time to schedule a professional carpet cleaning or time to start shopping around for a replacement.…

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Bissell Big Green Carpet Cleaning Machine
Bissell Big Green Review: Is It Still Good in 2023?
Bissell Big Green Review: Is It Still Good in 2023? 1024 683 Jennifer Dean

Updated June 2023: We’ve re-evaluated the Bissell Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine in 2023. Personal and home hygiene is more important than ever before. We love to have our carpets…

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Hoover PowerDash Pet Carpet Cleaner
Hoover PowerDash Pet Carpet Cleaner Review: Your solution to pet messes
Hoover PowerDash Pet Carpet Cleaner Review: Your solution to pet messes 1024 683 Jennifer Dean

If you’re like most homeowners, you have pets. And if you have pets, then you know that they can be a source of constant messes. From tracked-in mud to stained…

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Best Carpet Rakes
The 10 Best Carpet Rakes of 2023 for Fluffing up a Flat, Dead-Looking Carpet
The 10 Best Carpet Rakes of 2023 for Fluffing up a Flat, Dead-Looking Carpet 1024 683 Jennifer Dean

What if you could keep your carpet looking great instead of throwing it away? A carpet rake helps loosen the debris that gets caught deep in the fibers. There’s an…

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Why Persian Rugs Are so Expensive
Why Persian Rugs Are so Expensive
Why Persian Rugs Are so Expensive 1024 576 Jennifer Dean

Every year, an estimated 2.5 million carpets and rugs are sold worldwide. However, only a small percentage of these items are Persian rugs. Persian rugs are often considered to be…

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hair dye out of carpet
How To Get Hair Dye Out of Carpet In Less Than 5 Minutes
How To Get Hair Dye Out of Carpet In Less Than 5 Minutes 1024 576 Jennifer Dean

If you’re like me, then you probably love changing your hair color as often as possible. However, if you’re not careful, that new hair color can end up all over…

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Best Vacuum for Stairs
Here Are the 10 Best Vacuums for Stairs in 2023
Here Are the 10 Best Vacuums for Stairs in 2023 1024 683 Jennifer Dean

It’s no secret that vacuuming is one of the most daunting of all household chores.   Having to heft the vacuum up and down staircases and all around the house,…

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get hair out of carpet
How to Remove Long Hair from a Carpet Before Vacuuming: The Best Tips and Tricks
How to Remove Long Hair from a Carpet Before Vacuuming: The Best Tips and Tricks 1024 576 Jennifer Dean

One of the most dreaded tasks around the house is vacuuming the carpet. Not only is it time-consuming, but it can also be a hassle to move all of your…

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How to remove carpet glue
How to Remove Carpet Glue: The Ultimate Guide
How to Remove Carpet Glue: The Ultimate Guide 1024 576 Marvin Wallace

Carpets are a great way to decorate your home and make it feel cozy, but if you have pets or children who love playing in carpets all day long, this…

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Hoover SmartWash Pet Automatic Carpet Cleaner FH53000
The Hoover SmartWash Pet Complete Carpet Cleaner is Life Changing
The Hoover SmartWash Pet Complete Carpet Cleaner is Life Changing 1024 682 Rachelle Stone

What is the Hoover SmartWash Pet FH53000? As a mother, it has been a blessing and a curse to be quarantined with my children. I love seeing them learn something…

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Ruggable Washable Rug Review
Ruggable Review: The Washable Rug Most People Should Buy in 2023
Ruggable Review: The Washable Rug Most People Should Buy in 2023 1024 651 Jennifer Dean

Contents Why I Bought RuggableThe SetupMy Pros & ConsMy One Con:Tips for Optimum Ruggable ExperienceSome Designs I Recommend:Frequently Asked Questions:Why I Bought Ruggable Having two kids under the age of…

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how to get dents out of carpet
How to Remove Furniture Dents in Carpet
How to Remove Furniture Dents in Carpet 1024 576 Rachelle Stone

A few weeks ago, my kids and I were playing on the living room carpet with their new toys. Suddenly, from under a couch cushion came a tiny squeak of…

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how to get silly putty out of carpet
How to Get Silly Putty out of Carpet & Clothes in 5 Effective Methods
How to Get Silly Putty out of Carpet & Clothes in 5 Effective Methods 1024 683 Rachelle Stone

Best Ways to Get Rid of Silly Putty From the Carpet Considering how much children enjoy playing with silly putty, they are bound to make a mess with it. Although…

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How to clean a wool rug
7 Easy Steps to Cleaning Your Wool Rug Like a Pro
7 Easy Steps to Cleaning Your Wool Rug Like a Pro 1024 576 Brandon Smith

A wool rug is a beautiful addition to any room, but it’s essential to take the necessary steps in order to keep it looking its best. Whether your rug is…

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Best Carpet For Basements
Best Carpets for Basements – Your Top Choices
Best Carpets for Basements – Your Top Choices 1024 576 Marvin Wallace

Is carpet an intelligent choice for a basement floor? If so, what type of carpeting should be installed in the basement, if any? Contrary to popular belief, carpet is used…

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Remove Newspaper Ink Stains Carpet
How to Remove Newspaper Ink Stains on Carpet and Upholstery
How to Remove Newspaper Ink Stains on Carpet and Upholstery 1024 576 Jennifer Dean

It’s a newspaper. It has news, sports, and weather updates. You love reading it because it keeps you up-to-date on the latest happenings in the world around you. But wait!…

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How to Clean Carpet Without a Vacuum
How to Clean Carpet Without a Vacuum: 7 Ways You Can Simplify This Process
How to Clean Carpet Without a Vacuum: 7 Ways You Can Simplify This Process 1024 576 Rachelle Stone

Carpets are an important part of any home, and they not only add to the aesthetic but also provide warmth. Over time, carpets can get dirty and need to be…

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how to clean up broken glass on carpet
How Do I Clean up Broken Glass on Carpet?
How Do I Clean up Broken Glass on Carpet? 1024 576 Marvin Wallace

Broken glass on the carpet or upholstery? It’s a common problem that can happen to anyone. Whether you’re cooking and accidentally knock over a jar of sauce onto the floor,…

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