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A Comprehensive and Honest Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner Review

Kids, pets, and carpets all spell a recipe for disaster. If your carpet is like mine, it probably takes a lot of punishment. If my kids don’t forget to take off their muddy shoes, then my dogs are tracking in mud. As much as I would like to get rid of both, I cannot. It almost seems like I just cannot win with carpet.

Since I couldn’t rid my house of either, I knew I needed to find a solution. I immediately hit the Internet and started doing some research. Eventually, I stumbled across the Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner. Below, you’ll learn about my experience with this carpet cleaner.


Rug Doctor Is Very Affordable

The Rug Doctor Portable is very affordable!

If your budget is like mine and you’re stingy like me, you probably have a hard time paying out half a grand for a carpet cleaner. With that being said, I am always a little weary of buying a cheaper product, because in my experience, they always seem to let me down.

However, I am here to tell you that this is one affordable product that can actually live up to my standards. The affordability is undoubtedly alluring and swayed my opinion considerably.


Most carpet cleaning machines are big and bulky, which makes them hard to maneuver throughout the home. The Rug Doctor has a retractable handle and wheels, which make it very easy to move and transport throughout my home. The wheels also make it super easy to get the cleaner up and down stairs. When compared to the bigger and bulkier alternatives, the Rug Doctor truly shines in this category.

On top of the retractable handle and handy wheels, the lightweight design of this cleaner also adds exceptionally to its maneuverability. I have a hard time tugging on a big heavy machine, but this is something that I never have to worry about with the Rug Doctor. This machine only weighs around 20 pounds, so I do not have a problem lugging this machine from place to place.

Small Dimensions

Rug Doctor Small

The Rug Doctor is so small!

The dimensions of this product are 12.5 by 17.6 by 17.4 inches, which worked out perfectly for me. I never had a problem finding a place to store this unit. Once the day’s work has concluded, I can easily transport it to a concealed location and hide it away. Whether you live in a massive mansion or a small dwelling, I doubt you’ll have any problem finding a good resting place for the Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner.

Power Rotary Scrubber And Tanks

One of my favorite things about this spot cleaner is that it has a power rotary scrubber. You will not find this kind of technology installed in any other cleaners of this size. Trust me, I have looked everywhere repeatedly and have concluded that you just will not find it. This brush actually does twice the work that a typical brush does. With this machine, you can guarantee that the deep-down dirt and debris will have nowhere to hide.

Rug Doctor Portable Water Tank

Removable water tank in action

I cannot ignore the significant benefits provided by this unit’s removable tanks. This makes filling and emptying them super simple and easy. With many alternatives, I had to try to pour the solution in a small hole. This almost always defeated the purpose and nearly always resulted in a mess at the end of the day. With the Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner, this problem has truly been rectified.

Extensive Reach

Rug Doctor Portable Long Cord

The long power cord of the Rug Doctor Portable Spot can be coil up neat and tidy

This unit is equipped with a 15ft cord, which makes using it significantly easier. I can clean an entire room, without having to unplug the machine and trying to find a spare outlet. As someone, who is a tech junkie, I have an immense amount of difficulty attempting to a spare outlet and the downtime is nearly unbearable. The lengthy cord helps me avoid the search altogether.

The brush is four and a half inches wide, so you can cover a much larger area in one swipe. This helps to ensure that the carpet cleaner’s reach is extended further and also guarantees that I have to work for a much shorter period of time, before the job is completed. This is something that is very compelling to me, and I assume to you as well.

User Friendly And No Earplugs Necessary

Rug Doctor Portable Clean

It did a very good job cleaning up spills on sofas and carpet

Utilization of the Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner couldn’t be easier. Although I have an extensive amount of experience with these machines, I almost guarantee that those, who do not, will not need to read the instruction manual, before utilizing the machine. It is truly as simple as removing it from the box, plugging it up, topping off the tank, and turning it on.

I found that this cleaner was a little louder than most cleaners on the market. It is undoubtedly something that many people will hate, but to me, this means that it has more suctioning power. Although this may not be a factor for me, it is still something that should be noted and considered before making your investment.

Should You Buy The Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner?

As you can see, there are truly lots of different reasons to go out and purchase the Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner. The product is excellent in many areas and has always provided me with satisfactory performance. Despite a few cons here and there, the machine is sufficient and will get those stubborn stains removed, without much assistance on your end.

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Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner
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