Bissell Big Green (86T3) Carpet Cleaner Machine Review

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A Comprehensive Bissell 86T3 Big Green Carpet Cleaner Machine Review

As someone, who is forced to clean carpet on a regular basis, you should understand how challenging and strenuous the process could truly be. I absolutely hate getting on my hands and knees and scrubbing furiously, until I break out in a sweat and begin reeking like an outhouse.

The good news is that there are some products, which can help alleviate this problem and the Bissell 86T3 Big Green Carpet Cleaner Machine is one of the most popular on the market. Within this review, you will learn about my time and experience with this particular carpet cleaner.

Size And Weight


Bissell Big Green Full Shot

Compact and Lightweight

In order to determine, whether or not this carpet cleaner will be able to fit into your lifestyle and satisfy your needs, I highly recommend checking out the size and weight of the machine. In this category, the Bissell Big Green scores admirably.

Bissell Big Green Foldable

You can bend the handle 90 degree for easy storage.

The unit measures in at 20.5 by 11 by 42.2 inches. When you first see these dimensions, you may think that the product is slightly too tall. This certainly isn’t a negative, as the top pushing handle can be fold 90 degrees downwards to make the machine very compact and easily storable in a closet.

Also thanks to the adjustable tank handle, it gives me the ability to easily adjust the height of the handle to accommodate the individual utilizing it at the current time.

Overall, it weighs approximately 40 pounds which make it one of the lightest machines on the market.

Included Accessories


Bissell Big Green Accessories

Essential accessories included in the box.

Bissell Cleaning Formula

The recommended cleaning formula to pair with the BIssell Big Green

Despite being one of the most affordable carpet cleaners on the market, I was thoroughly impressed with the package’s contents. For the price, I initially expected to open the box and find nothing, but the bare tool. This was certainly not the case. The package includes a 6” stair tool, a 9’ upholstery hose and a single bottle of Bissell’s Professional Deep Cleaning Formula.

This combination of accessories gave me the ability to utilize the carpet cleaner right out of the box and for a handful of unique purposes.

Aside from the carpet cleaning formula, which is relatively inexpensive, you will never have to worry about making future purchases in order to get the most out of the Bissell and that is something a penny pincher like me can truly appreciate!

Functionality and Performance

When spending a great deal on a carpet extractor, I go above and beyond to ensure I’ll get my money’s worth from the product. This is why I look closely at the product’s functionality. Although the majority of these machines are specifically designed for carpets, many are also capable of cleaning other surfaces.

In this category, I have been astoundingly impressed with the Bissell Big Green Carpet Cleaner. Yes, it works exceptionally well for carpets, but machine’s functionality and versatility are diverse.

Bissell Big Breen vs Rug Doctor

During my time with this carpet cleaner, I have been able to use it for an array of different purposes, including cleaning stairs and upholstery. The unit’s stain tool is also very handy and gives me easy access to those normally hard-to-reach locations. I suppose the carpet cleaner is thoroughly well rounded, and this ultimately increases its value in my eyes.

Bissell Big Green Clean Carpet

Easily removed dirt and oil stains

Bissell Big Green Clean Your Sofa

The Big Green clean almost everything

Bissell claimed that the Big Green clean and dries faster than leading rental carpet cleaner.

Can you trust those big words from the manufacturer’s mouth? I’m skeptical too, so I decided to take this bold claim to test.

Using a stopwatch as measurement, I found that huge patch of carpets did indeed dried up rapidly, at around 1-3 hours, which is faster than I have experienced from other notable brands. However, some external variables like room temperature and humidity may shorten or lengthen the drying times, so keep that in mind.

Ease Of Use

Although my friends might refer to me as lazy, this is simply nonsense and untrue. However, I do prefer utilizing products, which will make my life easier. I can soundly say that the Big Green Carpet Cleaner does just that. This is the case, because of a combination of features.

Bissell Big Green Long Cables

Long 25’ cord and 9’ hose

First and foremost, this carpet cleaner comes equipped with a 25’ cord! I absolutely love the fact that the cable is massively lengthy, as this gives me the ability to maneuver the machine over a great distance, without needing to unplug and plug up elsewhere. The machine’s operating radius is enhanced even further thanks to the 9’ hose. Attached to the hose is a very wide head with very strong suction.

Bissell Big Green Water Tank

Filling the tank with water, ready to do some serious carpet cleaning!

The Bissell carpet cleaner comes with a 1.75-gallon tank. Unlike many of the alternatives, the tank is an asset and not problematic, at all. It can be refilled very quickly, so I never have to sit around idly for too long.

Whether you plan on using the machine in a commercial or household residential setting, you can rest assured knowing it’ll help to enhance your productivity level, so the job gets done much more rapidly. It has truly transformed me from a turtle into the hare.


Thus far, I have found that the Big Green Carpet Cleaner is a thoroughly advantageous cleaning machine. Although the product’s benefits are massive and very diverse, it is the unit’s maneuverability, which has impressed me the most!

I absolutely love the fact that this unit is designed like a vacuum cleaner. It works in a near identical manner and I can pull and push it around a room, without a bit of difficulty. I am never forced to engage in a battle of tug of war when utilizing this machine, so my arm never hurts at the end of the cleaning session.

To make matters even better, this wonderful unit is capable of cleaning, when going forward and backward. This dramatically reduces the amount of time it takes me to get the carpets cleaned to a desirable level and allows me to hit the couch much quicker!


When it comes down to it, there is truly only one downfall associated with the Bissell Big Green Machine and this is the fact that it lacks a heater. Not to worry though, as you can just easily fill the tank with hot water and it would work equally well like other heated carpet extractors.

Bissell Big Green Logo

Bissell is a great brand!

This product is superb and greatly exceeded my expectations. Not only does this carpet cleaner pull out more dirt and stains than competitors’ models, but also it is incredibly affordable! Despite the unit’s immense affordability, it comes with an extensive 5-year limited warranty! This was definitely one of the biggest determining factors and helped to justify my purchase.

In my mind, this carpet cleaner is great for people with a need to clean large sized carpets and I have no regrets with the investment.

Should You Buy It?


At the end of the day, I have utilized an abundance of unique carpet extractors and cleaners, and the Bissell Big Green 86T3 Carpet Cleaning Machine remains one of my favorites. The unit is incredibly affordable, well built and delivers a superb cleaning performance. Throw in the unit’s 5-year warranty, enormous operating radius, and impressive maneuverability and you’ve got a product that cannot be beaten!

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