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How to Keep Your Carpets, Rugs, and Hard Flooring Surfaces Safe From COVID-19 (Floor Cleaning Tips)

How to Keep Your Carpets, Rugs, and Hard Flooring Surfaces Safe From COVID-19 (Floor Cleaning Tips) 1024 680 Brandon Smith

The current pandemic – Covid-19, has kept most of us locked up at home. It is not only because of the fear of getting the virus. There is not much to go to with all the restrictions.

It can be quite stressful just being at home, but here is something you can do to be more productive: get a headstart on spring cleaning!

If there is one thing this pandemic gave us much of, it is time. Being at home with all the time in our hands, we can finally get started with the chores we often brush off because of our busy schedule. Now that you can, why not start with the most used area of the house – the floors.

Spreading the virus comes in many different ways, but it usually comes from outside the house. Consider this: what touches the outside area that you bring in inside the house? Your shoes or feet, right?

As you walk into the house, you will bring in unseen substances that could bring dirt, germs, and viruses inside the home. Thus, it is essential not just to clean but to disinfect your floors thoroughly.

How Long Can Coronavirus Survive on Carpet?

Recent studies suggest that the coronavirus can survive on surfaces for anywhere from a few hours to a few days.

Coronavirus infectious lifespan depends on:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Porosity of surface

This means that in a drier and colder environment, the lifespan of these viruses could be longer. Since carpet is porous, it is less hospitable for viruses than other non-porous surfaces like hardwood.

Why Do I Need to Disinfect the Floors?

You might be wondering why you still need to disinfect the floors. Isn’t it enough to clean it and make it as spotless as possible? Why do I need to have that extra step?

Cleaning is usually limited to the surface. It can significantly improve your floor’s appearance, as it turns from messy to neat. It can also make you feel better stepping on it because it is not sticky or slippery.

However, stopping at that phase will not target the things that cause the spread of viruses and germs. It could reduce the number of possible infections, but there would still be a lot to remain. If you want to ensure that you take most of these elements away, you need to disinfect them.

What Is Disinfecting?

Disinfecting involves using chemicals that target germs, bacteria, and viruses. There are often strong solutions that you can buy from the market, although some use homemade remedies. You do this after you have thoroughly cleaned the surface to add protection for your family.

The good news is, you do not have to keep doing this, especially if no one at home is sick. You have to keep the house clean at all times by sticking to a regular cleaning schedule. You may do the disinfection periodically.

Cleaning and Disinfecting Tips

Every home is different; each is made with different flooring. However, what we often see are hard flooring and soft flooring. In this article, we will tackle cleaning and disinfecting tips for both.

Hard flooring is the main floor area. This article will focus on hardwood, wood laminates, and vinyl.

On the other hand, soft flooring is those you put atop your floor. We will discuss how to clean and disinfect area rugs and carpets.

Now, let’s get started!

Hard Flooring Cleaning Tips

Hardwood Floors Cleaning

You may begin by using the vacuum to remove obvious dirt. Attach a soft-bristled brush to it to gently peel off stuck-up things on the floor. Afterward, mop it off with Swiffer or any other microfiber tool you have at home.

When mopping, you need to be very particular with the cleaning ingredients you will use, especially when using it for hardwood or wood laminates. These materials can easily be damaged with too much moisture. Use damp mops for this area to avoid damages.

Vinyl flooring can be quite sensitive, so ensure that you only get the cleaning solutions compatible with it. You may also use a water and vinegar solution to clean up the area.

Hard Flooring Disinfection Tips

Disinfectants, as mentioned earlier, use chemicals. Therefore, it is crucial that when you are doing this, you are familiar with the material of your floor to ensure that you will use products that will not harm it.

Read the manufacturer’s instructions thoroughly before you perform disinfection. There are disinfectant solutions that target viruses; others are solely against bacteria. The best type is those that attack both elements; look for them.

Never forget to wear gloves when you are doing this activity. The chemicals can be strong and harmful, and you want to protect yourself from that. Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly when you are done.

You have to be extra careful when disinfecting hardwood. Unlike vinyl, where a vinegar solution can work, it is a different story with hardwood. Also, make sure that you use a damp mop to apply the mixture, and then dry the surface immediately to avoid moisture buildup as it can damage hardwood.

Soft Flooring Cleaning Tips

Carpets and area rugs are prone to getting so dirty, so regular vacuuming is essential. When doing so, make sure that you cover every area by going slowly.

Lift or move furniture that may be atop the floor to eliminate even those under their stand. Ensure that you vacuum before and after dusting other furniture and appliances’ surfaces for a more thorough cleaning.

The schedule for cleaning this surface will depend heavily on their traffic. Usually, these are the most used area of the house and prone to accumulate dust and dirt. It will be best to vacuum several times a week, especially for those placed where your family often lingers.

Soft Flooring Disinfection Tips

Soft flooring can be more challenging to disinfect than hard flooring, but it can be done. According to the CDC, the best way to do it is with soap and water or cleaners specially made for them.

The good news is that you do not have to keep disinfecting them for as long as they are regularly cleaned. So, make sure that you have a scheduled general cleaning at home.

Keep Your Floor Clean and Avoid Covid-19

Viruses, bacteria, and germs thrive in an unhealthy and dirty environment. You must keep your house clean to minimize, if not eliminate them from your home.

Protect your family from the onslaught of Covid by regularly cleaning and disinfecting it. Start with your flooring today.

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