Detail King Durrmaid Detailer 1700 Carpet Extractor Review

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Detail King Durrmaid Detailer 1700 Heated Carpet Extractor Hands-On Review


Detail King Durrmaid Detailer 1700 Heated Carpet Extractor

With ten years in the carpet cleaning industry, I can say with certainty that cleaning the interior of a vehicle is one of the toughest jobs and perhaps one of the most overlooked aspects of the cleaning process. The narrow spaces, delicate equipment, and round corners are challenging to reach and clean with any carpet cleaning machine. However, there are some carpet cleaners that make this job a bit easier for me, one of which is the Detail King Durrmaid Detailer 1700 Heated Carper Extractor. With this compact device, cleaning carpets can become a joy as it is easy to handle and use.


The 1500-watt device injects super-heated water at a temperature of 212°F onto carpets and fabrics to remove the toughest stains efficiently. At the same time, it vacuums water as well as dirt for faster drying.

The Detail King Durrmaid Detailer 1700 Heated Carpet Extractor features durable injection molded plastics and a 1700-watt coil heater, which heats water to 212°F for deep cleaning carpets. The newly designed removable spray tips generate the perfect spray pattern to smoothly clean car carpet, seats, and upholstery. The unique design of the device is small yet as powerful as a large extractor.

If you are wondering whether the Detail King Durrmaid Detailer 1700 Heated Carpet Extractor will fit in your car, do not worry as this portable machine can fit in any car, van, or truck and easily clean hard-to-reach places.

Ease of Use

Detail King Durrmaid Detailer 1700 Spray Tips

The Detail King Durrmaid Detailer 1700 Heated Carpet Extractor is compact and easy to use in all circumstances. It cleans the dirtiest carpets and fabric quickly, smoothly, and efficiently. The ergonomically designed device is easy to use and handle in any situation.

Two spray tips come with the machine. One is the quick-release spray tip that controls the amount of hot water sprayed from the unit, and the other is the swap tip which is used to clean heavily stained carpet or delicate fabric. The transparent suction wand allows the user to watch the dirt and stains as they are extracted to provide satisfaction to the user for the best results. The quick release vacuum and pressure hoses make setting up the device stress-free while the reusable waste filter bag avoids the hassle of cleaning it. The 17-foot vacuum and pressure hoses allow any area in a vehicle to be accessed quickly. This product allows its users to remove any stubborn stains and clean any carpet or upholstery.

This carpet cleaner is also easy to operate. It works by filling the fresh water tank with clean water, attaching both the vacuum and pressure hoses, plugging in the machine, and flipping the 3-way switch to “Heat” function to heat up the water. Then, you just have to wait for 10-15 mins to allow the water to heat up to 212°F. When the water has heated up, turn the switch to “Vacuum”, open the fresh water tank, and press the trigger on the extractor wand to spray clean water. The tank needs to be closed when you are done with this step.

For removing stains and dirt, spray hot water directly onto the fabric by running the extractor wand on the carpet and pressing the trigger. Then, the area on which water has been sprayed needs to be immediately vacuumed with the clear wand. It leaves the fabric lightly wet to touch instead of soaking wet, and it dries up quickly.


Detail King Durrmaid Detailer 1700 Heated Carpet Extractor Closeup

The Detail King Durrmaid Detailer 1700 Heated Carpet Extractor is engineered to be used for many years, which makes it one of the best choices for people who like saving money like me. It is manufactured in the USA using the highest quality materials.

The impact-resistant material provides a durable yet lightweight casing to the machine for rough usage and easy transportation. The cleaner contains an improved vacuum system, which gives 17% more suction power and conical airflow design to handle the most challenging jobs in less time.

It also consists of an auto shutdown system that switches the machine off when the dirty water tank becomes full or when the fresh water tank does not contain enough water. These automatic shutdown systems lessen the chances of overfilling the machine and hence, save the heating coil and tank plastic from excessive damage. Due to these features, the Detail King Durrmaid Detailer 1700 Heated Carpet Extractor is rated as one of the safest hot carpet extractors in the market.

Detail King Automotive Interior Extractor Soap

To prevent leakages and increase longevity, I used Detail King’s Automotive Interior Extractor Soap. This cleaning solution has very low foam and does not leave any residue behind. Its unique blend of ingredients helps to keep the carpet lining fibers soft and smooth. I also love the fresh scent from the Detail King’s car interior cleaning product.

Should You Buy The Detail King Durrmaid Detailer 1700?

Detail King Durrmaid Detailer 1700 Car Interior Cleaning

The Detail King Durrmaid Detailer 1700 Heated Carpet Extractor was designed and manufactured in five years with thorough research and development to make a compact yet powerful device. Although with a few disappointments, its benefits outweigh the drawbacks and hence it is very attractive to the people in the Auto-Detailing community to clean their expensive car’s seats and floor.

For people looking for cheaper alternative, I can recommend you the Mytee Lite II Carpet Extractor or browse through our “Portable” machine list if you want something more lightweight and small.

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Our Rating
  • Detail King Durrmaid Detailer 1700 Heated Carpet Extractor

Summary’s “Auto Detailing King” Award.

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