Mytee S-300 Tempo Upholstery Spotter Carpet Extractor Review

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A Comprehensive Mytee S-300 Tempo Upholstery Spotter Carpet Extractor Review

If you are like me, you clean a lot of carpets. Carpet can be very comfortable and nice, but it also comes with many problems. The problems escalate severely when the carpet becomes filthy and develops stains or other blemishes.

As someone who works in the carpet cleaning business, I sympathize with this problem firsthand. With this in mind, I utilize a handful of different carpet extractors, and the Mytee S-300 Tempo Carpet Extractor falls into this category. Is it worth the bucks? You’ll find out, by reading my comprehensive review below.


Mytee S300 Tempo Product

Mytee S300 Tempo Spotter full product shot

This product only weighs in at 20 pounds, which makes it incredibly easy to transport from place to place. It seems to me the hose at the car wash weighed 20 pounds alone, but this whole product only weighs 20 pounds and does a much better job. I have a hard time lifting heavy items, so this machine worked out perfectly for me and is very portable.


Mytee S300 Tempo Affordable

This portable machine is quite affordable for Auto-Detailing

To start off, this little carpet cleaner is going to be slightly higher priced, but it is well worth the money. I even found that it saved me some money since I never had to stop at the car wash and spend endless amounts of quarters. I was fortunate enough to purchase this product from a vendor that offered financing. If you are worried about the expensive price, you will be happy to know that most vendors will offer financing for this product if your credit scores are high enough.


Mytee S300 Tempo Capacity

1-gallon water tank capacity is enough to clean a medium-sized car fully

The 1-gallon waste and solution tanks are sufficient enough to clean my entire vehicle’s interior without needing to stop to empty. If you have a much larger vehicle like a van or RV, you may be required to refill and empty frequently. However, the 1-gallon tank worked out perfect for my little four-door sedan.

Easy To Fill and Empty

Mytee S300 Tempo Drain Cap

Easy drain cap with tether

I sometimes find myself a little clumsy, so I have a problem pouring liquids into a small opening. You will not have to worry about this with the Mytee. I can empty and fill both tanks within a matter of seconds without making a mess. The clear-view tank lids will also let you see what you are extracting. This is great in the event that you accidentally suck up one of your feline’s favorite play toys.

8 Foot Suction Hose

Mytee S300 Tempo Hose

Long hose for great reachability

One of my favorite features on the Mytee S-300 Tempo has to be the suction hose. The hose is 8 feet in length, so I do not even have to adjust the cleaner’s position while I am cleaning my carpet. I can simply leave the cleaner in one position and reach every spot without issue, but I can always rely on the 3” wheels if I need to make any adjustments.

Upholstery Tool

Mytee S300 Tempo Upholstery

The included upholstery tool is made of very high quality stainless steel material

Another thing I absolutely love about this carpet cleaner is the stainless steel upholstery tool. I like to put a lot of pressure on the nozzle, as I am cleaning. In the past, I have experienced problems with the plastic upholstery tools because they just seem to wear out after time. This is something I never have to worry about with the stainless steel upholstery tool. When you see stainless steel, you can guarantee you will get something durable.

2-Stage Motor

Mytee S300 Tempo Home

Use in home to clean spills on sofa.

The 2-stage motor installed in the S-300 Tempo will ensure that you do not wear out the motor. The engine will automatically kick into second gear when it is needed, and go back down to the first gear when the extra power is not required. This mechanism will ensure that you do not burn out the motor.

Hot Water & Performance

Mytee S300 Tempo Performance

Very strong suction remove dirt and stains with ease

One thing about the Mytee S-300 Tempo is that you need to heat the water before pouring into the water tank, as this product does not have a built-in heater. In practice, it was not a significant problem for me because I do most of the carpet cleaning at my customers’ homes where hot water supply is readily available. However, this could be an issue for some users.

Packed With 85 inches of lift, this carpet extractor has heaps of power for pulling out all the dirt that are stuck deep in the carpet. If you want to use cold water, you would want to apply some elbow grease on the stubborn stains first before using the Mytee.

Should You Buy The Mytee S-300 Tempo Carpet Extractor?

As you can see, the Mytee S-300 Tempo Upholstery Spotter Carpet Extractor is a fantastic affordable and portable machine for anyone to have around the home and for auto detailing, especially if you live with pets and small children.

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