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Adam’s Heated Carpet Extractor Review

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In an industry where innovation separates the pros from the amateurs, I am constantly evaluating the newest products to stay on the cutting edge. So when whispers began circulating about Adam’s new heated carpet extractor, my interest was piqued. Could this be the revolutionary tool that would elevate my craft to the next level?

As a detailing professional catering to a discerning clientele, I cannot settle for anything but the best. My work speaks for itself – the pristine interiors I return to my customers after tackling the grime, spills and stains incurred from everyday use. I credit much of my success to using top-quality equipment like the Mytee extractors I’ve relied on for years. But now, the bar may have been raised with this promising newcomer from Adam’s.

adam heated carpet extractor body

Adam’s Heated Carpet Extractor

Armed with cautious optimism and high expectations, I obtained the extractor and prepared to put it through its paces. Does it deliver stronger cleaning power than the industry-standard Mytee? How easy is it to maneuver and operate? Can it match the versatility I need to handle a wide range of surfaces and fabrics?

I’ll cover the background on Adam’s Polishes, key product features and specifications, ease of use, cleaning applications, how it compares to my favorite Mytee Lite 8070, and my overall impression on whether it’s worth the investment for pro detailers and car cleaning enthusiasts.


Adam’s Polishes Company Background

adam side

First, a little background on the company behind this extractor. Adam’s Polishes was founded in 2000 by Adam Pitale. Based in California, USA, Adam’s Polishes has become one of the most recognized and trusted brands in the detailing industry over the past years.

Adam Pitale had a vision to create a detailing culture that changed the way people cared for their vehicles. He aimed to simplify and streamline the car care process while making it more enjoyable and satisfying for everyone. Adam aimed to take car care from a chore to an enjoyable hobby.

With this founding mission in mind, Adam’s Polishes has gone on to create a wide variety of specialized detailing products. This includes soaps, waxes, polishes, towels, brushes, and power tools aimed at car care enthusiasts and professional detailers alike.

Given Adam’s reputation for high-quality detailing products, I had high expectations for the new Adam’s Heated Carpet Extractor. Next, I’ll go through the key features and specifications of this extractor model.

Key Features and Specs

adam spray hose

After unboxing and assembling Adam’s carpet extractor for the first time, I’ll admit I was initially a bit overwhelmed by all the parts, setup, and reading through the instruction manual. However, any intimidation disappeared once I got it put together and powered on that first time. This machine means business!

Here are the key features and specs that make the Adam’s Heated Carpet Extractor stand out:

Powerful 55 PSI pump: This professional-grade pump generates an impressive 55 PSI of spray pressure. That’s strong enough to lift and dissolve most stubborn dried-on stains and ground-in dirt from the deep carpet fibers and upholstery. The pressurized spray really gets down into the material to release trapped contaminants.

Stainless steel spray wand: The metal spray wand is very durable to withstand heavy daily use. It resists cracking or leaking over time unlike cheaper plastic wands I’ve used. The wand also allows quick-connecting of different spray nozzles.

Built-in 200°F heater: This is one of my favorite features. The ability to heat the water and cleaning solution up to 200°F makes a HUGE difference in cleaning effectiveness. The hot water does an amazing job of breaking down oils, grease, grime and old stains. I’ve found it cuts my detail time nearly in half compared to using an extractor without heat.

3 gallon clean & dirty water tanks: Each extra large tank holds an impressive 3 gallons. This provides plenty of capacity to tackle large detailing jobs nonstop. I can often clean an entire vehicle interior without needing to stop to drain & refill tanks.

15 foot solution hose: The long, flexible hose makes reaching all areas of a vehicle easy. Even hard to access spots like under seats or in rear cargo areas are no problem. The hose maneuvers around obstacles with ease.

4 inch stainless steel hand tool: The wide cleaning head efficiently covers more surface area for faster cleaning. The stainless steel construction is durable and stain-resistant.

Quick disconnect sprayer: This allows quick switching between spray wand and suction modes. Very convenient when trying to spray and extract different sections.

Ergonomic handle: The comfort-grip handle reduces fatigue and makes controlling the extractor smooth and easy. Important when working on big jobs.

Built-in cord wrap: The convenient cord storage system keeps the power cord neatly organized. No more tangled messes to untangle when setting up.

Large durable wheels: The big rear wheels glide easily over all floor types. The pivoting front casters provide excellent maneuverability around tight spaces.

Next, I’ll go through the basic process of using the Adam’s Heated Carpet Extractor for those unfamiliar with these machines.

How To Use

adam water tank

Filling up the water tank

While extractors may look intimidating at first glance, using the Adam’s Heated Carpet Extractor involves a simple straightforward process:

  • First, vacuum the area to be cleaned thoroughly to remove any loose dirt and debris. This prevents it from being redistributed during the extraction process.
  • Next, fill the clean water tank with hot water and add the recommended amount of Adam’s Extractor Shampoo. I’ve found the Adam’s cleaner to work better than generic soaps.
  • Turn on the extractor and allow the water to heat up to 200°F for maximum cleaning efficacy.
  • Beginning working in sections, spray the upholstery or carpet with the hot cleaning solution. Be sure to completely saturate the material.
  • Using the hand tool, vigorously agitate the wetted surface to break up staining and lift embedded contaminants.
  • Once agitated, use the suction to extract all the dirty solution out. Make multiple passes to get as much liquid and dissolved grime out as possible.
  • When the dirty tank nears full, empty it before finishing the job. Refill clean tank as needed.
  • Allow surfaces to fully dry before using again. An air mover tool helps speed drying time.
  • Finally, admire your like-new carpets and upholstery! Enjoy how fresh and clean the vehicle interior smells too.

It’s a very straightforward cleaning process suitable for both pros and beginners. Now, I’ll share my first impressions and experiences using this extractor.

My Initial Impressions

adam suction head

The first time I pulled the spray trigger on the Adam’s extractor, I was blown away by its cleaning power. You can instantly see the pressurized spray penetrating down into the material to lift stains rather than just rinsing the surface.

One of my favorite features is definitely the built-in stainless steel heater. Having used non-heated extractors in the past, the difference a heating element makes is remarkable. The hot water seems to melt away oil-based grime with ease.

I also love the large tank capacities. I can often clean an entire sedan’s interior from carpets to cloth seats using only 1 fill of the clean water tank. That convenience helps my workflow.

The ergonomic handle makes maneuvering the extractor smooth and comfortable even when pressed for extended periods. The handle height is adjustable to accommodate users of different heights.

The flexible hose also makes accessing every crevice in a car easy. I use the hose to clean under seats, in door pockets and seat belt loops which are typically awkward areas.

Overall, after my first uses, I could already tell that Adam’s extractor meant serious business compared to the lightweight machines I was accustomed to. The power and performance justified the higher price tag.

Next, I’ll share how the Adam’s performed on some real world cleaning tests.


adam heater function

While my initial experiences were positive, the true test would be using this extractor to tackle some challenging interiors in bad need of deep cleaning.

My first test was a minivan that had hauled three messy kids for years. The cloth seats and carpets were deeply soiled. Stains of all colors permeated the upholstery. Years of ground-in crumbs and debris had dulled the carpets.

I hesitantly started on the most stained areas of carpet first, heavily pre-treating them with the 200°F mixed solution. I slowly worked the hand tool across each section, repeatedly rinsing and extracting until the dirty return water ran clear.

adam before after

Before and after

Much to my delight, even old neglected stains came up surprisingly easy with this machine. The hot pressurized spray seemed to power through the toughest grime that would have barely budged using some vacuum cleaners.

After methodically working on each heavily soiled area, I stepped back and was amazed by the overall transformation. The seats and carpets looked nearly brand new again. The owner was so impressed it brought tears of joy. Powerful validation of the extractor’s capabilities.

Since that first tough job, I’ve used Adam’s extractor to successfully revive interiors ranging from dingy cloth seats to high-end wool carpeting.

Some specific applications where it has worked wonderfully include:

  • Cloth seats – Great on simple fabric to leather.
  • Carpets – Cleans thick or shag carpet effectively.
  • Mats & Rugs – Lifts stains from rubber, fabric, and leather mats.
  • Pet accidents – Eliminates set-in urine stains and odors.
  • Spills & Grime – Removes food, drink, mud, and general dirt buildup.
  • Smoke smell – Gets rid of stubborn cigarette odor remarkably well.

I also use it in my home to deep clean carpets, area rugs, cloth furniture, and more. It has become my go-to for tackling any interior cleaning project big or small.


adam dirty water drain

Draining out the dirty water after usage

Here are some recommendations for using the Adam’s Heated Carpet Extractor effectively:

  • Always pre-vacuum areas before extracting to avoid spreading loose dirt around.
  • Pre-treat and agitate heavily stained areas before extracting for best results. Letting them soak helps.
  • Work systematically in small sections for thorough cleaning rather than randomly jumping around.
  • Make multiple slow passes over each section to fully rinse out all lifted dirt. Go until the return water runs clean.
  • Use the wand’s built-in heater and only spray with heated solution once warmed up. Cold water is far less effective.
  • Wear protective gloves and watch your proximity when spraying 200°F liquid to avoid accidental burns.
  • Empty the dirty tank before it overflows to avoid spilling dirty water. Don’t wait until full.
  • Refill the clean tank as needed to finish large jobs. The tanks are easy to remove and re-attach.
  • Let surfaces dry fully before using again or mop any residual moisture with towels.
  • Rinse out tanks and flush hoses with clean water after use to prevent any buildup.

Follow those tips and you’ll get professional-grade results. While I’ve been very impressed so far, I wanted to provide some direct comparison to my other extractor.

Adam’s vs Mytee Lite 8070

mytee vs adam

Mytee 8070 Heated Carpet Extractor

Prior to acquiring the Adam’s Heated Carpet Extractor, I had used a Mytee Lite 8070 extractor for many years. The Mytee is well known as a lightweight, affordable extractor, good for entry-level users.

When comparing the Adam’s extractor to my Mytee Lite 8070, there are a few notable differences:

  • The Adam’s does not include a clear window on the suction head like the Mytee. It is $150 extra to get a clear suction head.
  • The Mytee has stronger suction power but the Adam is fine for general day-to-day use.
  • The Adam’s is slightly more compact and lighter weight than the larger Mytee model.


To summarize my experiences, the Adam’s Heated Carpet Extractor has quickly become my go-to interior detailing machine. The commercial-grade quality shows in its power and durability.

The deep cleaning ability of the heated pressurized spray combined with Adam’s specialty cleaning solutions allows me to take on some of the most challenging detailing jobs with confidence.

The larger tank capacities, longer hose, and pivoting wheels make cleaning full vehicle interiors quick and convenient. I find I can complete interior jobs in half the time thanks to its cleaning speed.

While the Adam’s Heated Carpet Extractor represents a more significant investment than basic models, as a professional detailer, the benefits in time savings, results, and customer satisfaction easily justify the cost in my opinion. My clients frequently rave about how incredibly clean their car’s interior turned out, leading to more referrals and repeat business.

For detailers who are overwhelmed by gross, heavily soiled interiors, the Adam’s carpet extractor for cars can be a game changer for your business. Cleanup jobs that used to take me hours now take just a fraction of the time with hugely improved outcomes.

Considering the well-constructed, durable build and proven cleaning performance, I expect this machine to deliver for many years to come. I can recommend the Adam’s Heated Carpet Extractor to both auto pros and car cleaning enthusiasts looking for the deepest clean possible.


  • Powerful 55 PSI spray pressure lifts deep stains easily
  • Built-in 200°F heater dramatically improves cleaning ability
  • Large 3-gallon tank capacities make cleaning big jobs convenient
  • Long 15 foot hose reaches every inch of vehicle interiors
  • Cleans virtually all fabrics from carpet to leather effectively


  • Lack of see-through plastic window on suction wand like some models have
  • Less powerful and heats up less quickly than its competitor


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