Five Simple Hacks to Keep Your Car Clean

Five Simple Hacks to Keep Your Car Clean 1024 576 Jennifer Dean

Five Easy Hacks For a Clean & Dent-Free Car

The car is the best invention that humankind could ever have. But thankful as we may be, keeping it clean and dent-free can be quite a chore. Everybody wants to have a car that is spotless and dent-free. Luckily for you, I have some simple hacks that could potentially protect your vehicle from exterior damage and prevent any kind of messiness, scrapes, unsightly clutter, and spills. Here are five easy but unlikely hacks to keep your ride looking as new as the first time you got it.

1. Tennis ball for perfect parking.

When it is dark and you just got home, parking it inside the garage could be tricky. A lot of people do not want to bother getting out of the car to see if there’s enough space. They risk going in randomly and end up bumping into the backside of the wall and scuffs up the paint job. Tie a tennis ball to a string and hang it directly above the position where it hits your windshield when your car is parked in the right spot. Now, whenever you pull into the garage, you will know exactly where to stop. Talk about timed parking!

2. Toothpaste for your headlights.

Yup. You heard me – toothpaste! Headlights have a tendency to fog up after an extended period of time. Unlike the other gradual deteriorations, it can be downright dangerous. A few feet of visibility in the dark while driving makes a huge difference in dangerous night conditions like heavy fog, snow, rainstorm, etc. And dirty headlights heavily diminish its visibility. Take your toothpaste from the bathroom and a new toothbrush and some warm water. Scrub the headlights thoroughly with it just as you would brush your teeth, splashing the warm water every now and then to lather it up. You will be amazed at the amount of grim it removes, all at the fraction of the cost of store-bought cleaning agents or even replacements.

3. Your old pair of shoes to hold the cup.

Any car without a cup holder will have frequent spillages. They are essential but there are just too few of these lifesavers. They are rather used for other kinds of purposes like change cups, pencil holders or junk collection cups. An old pair of shoes that you don’t wear anymore can be an inexpensive alternative to cup holders. Take a clean shoe (yes. Clean it first!) and wedge it between your two seats and set drinks in the place where you normally used to place your food. You will be amazed at how well it works. The cushion in the shoe can actually make it hold even better than the regular plastic cupholder when you are driving over bumps. Your beverages will now spill a lot less thanks to your sneakers.

4. Pool Noodles to line your garage.

While you may love the good old trick with the tennis ball to protect the front of your vehicle from unnecessary scratches, you may still bump into the sidewalls of your garage – or if you have small kids, they may get a little overzealous to open the doors to your car. Foam rubber noodles could be an easy and quick solution. We’re talking about the kind that you normally flop around with when you are in the pool. Securely glue them around the entire perimeter of the garage. Trust me it’s like bowling with the bumpers.

5. Cereal container for a trash can.

No car owner can avoid the trash inside the car every now and then (if not more). You cannot just pull over and throw away the trash whenever you come across an appropriate receptacle. Won’t it be awesome to have your own personal trash bin inside the car instead of littering? Normal trash cans will fall over when you drive over bumps. A plastic cereal container with a sealable lid could be a perfect alternative because it won’t spill even during rough rides. Line the container with your trash bag. The front of the passenger seat is the perfect place to keep it.


The tips above are just for impromptu and quick cleaning of your vehicle’s interior. Full cleaning once a week with a car vacuum like the new portable Bissell Pet Stain and Hair Remover is still highly recommended.


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