BISSELL DeepClean Premier Pet Carpet Cleaner (17N4) Review

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An In-Depth Bissell DeepClean Premier Pet Carpet Cleaner Review

One day, I finally decided to take charge of my carpet cleaning tasks. Unfortunately, I let these chores control my life because I never seemed to be able to grasp precisely how to remove those deep-down, stubborn stains. That is until I discovered the Bissell DeepClean Premier Pet (17N4). This machine is capable of tackling the dirtiest carpet, with ease and it is one investment that I am proud of.

Scrubbing Brushes

Bissell DeepClean Closeup

Close up view of the Bissell DeepClean

Bissell DeepClean Brushes

The dual rotating powerbrushes

Most brand carpet shampooers are not suitable for set-in stain removal. This makes them virtually useless in my eyes because I have small pets and children that are continuously making messes. One of the most notable features on the DeepClean Premier is the patent dual rotating power brushes. There are actually 12 rows of these brushes, which are continuously rotating during operation, even in reverse. When combining the brush power with the cleaning solution, those stubborn stains will be broken down and suctioned up into the waste tank.

Collection Basket

Bissell DeepClean Collection Basket

The bright red component is the hair collection basket

For those of you that have pets, you know the damage that they can do to the machine’s interior components. Well, this will not be an issue with the Bissell Premier, thanks to the collection basket. The hair will be collected and remain here until you are ready to empty the basket into the trash bin.

Continuous Hot Water

Bissell DeepClean HeatWave

Bissell DeepClean HeatWave technology

Unlike most carpet cleaners, the Bissell DeepClean is integrated with Heatwave Technology that is capable of maintaining continuous hot water. Contrary to thinking, cold water is not as effective in eradicating allergens and bacteria growth. The high-temperature water will kill up to 99% of these harmful toxins. This is a necessity for those that suffer from allergies and chronic respiratory illnesses.


The large rear wheels and continuously rotating brushes offer superior maneuverability. The EdgeSweep brushes are capable of cleaning around furniture and baseboards, without scratching or damaging the surface. This feature definitely comes in handy, since the user does not need to monitor every move precisely.

The Tanks

Bissell DeepClean Tank

Filling up the tank with clean water

Over the years, I have utilized a wide variety of different carpet cleaners and have experimented with various brands. During my time, I have found that some factors and components are much more vital than others. My friends would believe that I always shoot for low-cost products, but this is simply a lie. Instead, I focus on the tank of the carpet cleaner. Without a sufficient reservoir, utilization of the product will become time consuming, unfriendly and overly frustrating. I don’t want to be forced to get my hands dirty unnecessarily.

This is definitely one of the best features of the Bissell DeepClean Premier. The unit comes with a 1.25 tank capacity, which is sufficiently large for most cleanups. Sure, it falls short of many of the alternatives that I have experimented with in the past, but it still serves its purpose. Of course, the best aspect of the tank is the fact that it can truly be removed with ease. It comes with a handle on top. Whenever I am ready to quit for the day or refill, I just grab the handle and pull. From there, I can empty the tank or refill it and continue onward.

The tank is definitely placed in a great position, and this gives me the ability to keep and eye on its contents at all times. I know precisely when it needs to be refilled and don’t have to play a guessing game.

Many Accessories

When examining the low price of this carpet cleaner, one could easily think that it will come with nothing, except the box, a manual and the machine. Although I was familiar with Bissell and knew that the company was fairly generous, I was still surprised, when I cracked open the box. Inside, I found an abundance of awesome accessories. These included a deep reach tool, pet hair collection basket, and a 3-inch tough stain brush. On top of that, the company even threw in a trial sized bottle of their 2X Professional Cleaning Formula. Sure, this resulted in another addiction, but the addition was nice nonetheless.

With this array of accessories, I am truly content and never need to purchase anything separately, unless I need more formula.

Overall Value and Performance

Bissell DeepClean Stains

Remove stains easily

When examining the Bissell DeepClean Premier Pet Carpet Cleaner, as a whole, it is evident that the unit is an excellent overall value. I am not the type of individual, who likes to spend excessively, and I am not forced to with this product. I did find this immensely alluring. Of course, I truly got more than I paid for.

This unit is definitely built sturdily and will certainly withstand the test of time. It isn’t flimsy and doesn’t wobble from side to side. Performance wise, it cleaned carpet well due to its patented dual rotating power brushes and has a reasonably fast drying time of under 4 hours. At the same time, this product comes with an amazing 3-year limited warranty! When compared to the other models, Bissell delivers a little extra in this regard, and I appreciate this greatly.

Should You Buy The Bissell DeepClean Carpet Cleaner?

The Bissell DeepClean Premier Pet Carpet Cleaner is a good product, which will work substantially well for residential users. It lacks a few higher end key features, which make it unreliable for commercial use, but homeowners should not rule it out. With this in mind, I can easily give it a recommendation for homeowners and renters, who have pets and carpeted floors in their dwellings.

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Our Rating
  • BISSELL DeepClean Premier Pet Carpet Cleaner, 17N4


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