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Mytee 1003DX Speedster Featured
Mytee 1003DX Speedster Carpet Extractor Review

Mytee 1003DX Speedster Deluxe Heated Carpet Extractor Full Review Many homemakers prefer to clean their home and car interior carpets quite occasionally but for most of them, renting a carpet extractor is not always an easy option. There are too many criteria to choose a good one, and the more important point is that learning…

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EDIC Galaxy Carpet Extractor Featured Image
EDIC Galaxy Carpet Extractor Review

A Detailed Review Of The EDIC Galaxy 2000SX-HR (Heat Ready) Commercial Carpet Cleaning Extractor Over the course of many years, I have encountered some horrific scenes, which would turn a lot of individual’s stomachs. These sights were ungodly, horrific and emitted a horrendous odor, which would stick with you for the rest of your days.…

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Mytee Lite II Carpet Extractor Featured Image
Mytee Lite II 8070 Carpet Extractor Review

A Comprehensive And Honest Mytee Lite II 8070 Carpet Extractor Review If you’re anything like me, you absolutely adore carpet! It is comfortable, homey and can be entirely beautiful. Unfortunately, carpet comes with many downsides and requires diligence and patience to clean thoroughly. Maybe I don’t absolutely adore carpet after all? After many years of…

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