Baby Wipes: Real Deal Wonder Cleaners

Baby Wipes: Real Deal Wonder Cleaners 1024 684 Jennifer Dean

Even if your home is not trampled under the pitter-patter of tiny feet, baby wipes are wonderful, practical, and affordable multi-use cleaners for all-around your house. They are certainly not just for diapers anymore!

Pampers Baby Fresh Wipes

Anyone who has ever lived with a child realizes the indispensability of the baby wipe. Almost unconsciously, you put boxes and pouches of them everywhere– in the car, the kitchen, bedrooms, and of course, bathrooms and the diaper bags. Far beyond the suspect bodily fluids, though, baby wipes can clean most sticky, smelly, gooey messes anywhere easily and effectively. Unlike many bottled household cleaners, they leave no reeking chemical or deodorizing smells, and are far less caustic. Generic brands are equal to or surpass the effectiveness of name brands.

In our home, our remaining children have four paws. It did not take long for me to learn that baby wipes removed spots and stains in carpet from poop to vomit better than any foam, powdered, or liquid I had ever purchased, and kept and even brightened our garnet-hued carpets. After blotting and removing what you can of the offending spot, a little scrubbing with 2-4 wipes makes it good as new! Wet wipes hold up to real scrubbing.

Baby wipes also serve as an excellent pre-wash treatment for laundry stains. Going over a spot with a wipe prior to the wash cycle has been 100% effective for me for many years now, even on grass and red stains, typically the toughest. Putting a few wipes in a Ziploc bag in your purse is easier than digging for a Tide stick that can dry out quickly sometimes, too. The quicker you get to the stain, the better, as with any remedy.

Baby wipes work wonderfully in cleaning kitchen counters and cabinets, too. They remove sticky gunk from cabinets without affecting the finish. I have found that they can handle stubborn red stains on counters and stove tops better than kitchen cleaners, leaving far less residue.

My husband discovered that baby wipes work great for cleaning his racing bicycles and mountain bikes, too. They do not affect paints and finishes, and allow cleaning in and around gears and brakes lines.

I suggest testing any painted walls or porous painted interior surfaces before using. In our home, wipes work fine on usual marks or hand prints on wall, but softened paint on a few window ledges.

Even if the last diaper bag you packed was a few decades ago, keep baby wipes around for quick, easy cleaning!

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