Best Carpet for Pets

Best Carpet for Pets

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Sometimes it’s like being caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. On the one hand, you love your pets so much you don’t want to be away from them and want to spend pretty much every minute together, but on the other hand, there are certain places you can’t let them get into because, let’s face it, not every floor covering is pet-friendly.

They scratch and leave their remains everywhere, and even though you love them so much, there comes a time when you just can’t take it anymore.

This is where I come in with this post that seeks to help you find the best carpet type for your pets.

Best Carpet for Pets: A Tale of Two Properties  

When choosing the best pet-friendly carpet for your house, there are generally two fundamental properties to consider:

  1. Stain Resistance 
  2. Durability

And both are equally just as important, seeing as there’s no room for tradeoffs. Stain Resistance is the ability of the carpet to withstand pet accidents, and durability is the strength and ability to withstand the constant onslaught of claws and general wear and tear from your pet’s activities. One without the other doesn’t make much sense.

Carpets for Pets: The Best Options

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Before you finally give up and concede that carpets and pets don’t go together, here are three tangible carpet-type solutions for you to consider:

Nylon Carpet  

Especially suitable to withstand abrasion, Nylon is one of the very best options out there when it comes to durability. It is remarkably effective at withstanding any stress and strain from your pets’ extracurricular activities, whether running around aimlessly out of pure, unadulterated joy at seeing you or digging for imaginary pots of gold.

Nylon is also reliable when it comes to stain resistance due to the arrangements of its chemical structure. It is also straightforward to maintain and clean.

Wool Carpet 

Wool carpet is the best when it comes to natural stain resistance. In fact, you can say it was made specifically for that. It is also highly durable, too, making it without a doubt one of the best carpet for dogs out there.

The only caveat of the wool carpet is its high cost. It is costly and is one of the rarest carpet types out there. And due to this reason, most pet owners choose to go with other options.

Dupont Sorona 

Sorona carpet was created by Dupont to build a futuristic, highly durable, and ultra-resistant carpet type, which makes it the best carpet for pets and high traffic.

It is also highly environmentally progressive since it is made from recycled plastics through a process that has been deemed “very green and environmental-friendly.”

Avoid Berber Carpet for Pets

Berber carpet is commonly found, but it also has its downside. The most significant disadvantage is that it is not pet-friendly due do to the fact that Berber’s looped pattern style is an enticing target for pets to use it as a scratching post. This will tear the fiber and can cause irreversible damage to your carpet.

It can cause problems to Berber material even if your animal is declawed due to the special tight weave of Berber. A dense weave tends to withstand stains like pet urine, but when they appear, it also makes it extremely difficult to get rid of stains.

Although there are many cases in which dogs and cats owners were thrilled with their Berber carpet, I don’t think it’s worth taking a chance.


So you see, the battle isn’t all lost when it comes to finding a carpet solution for your exuberant pets. These are some of the very best available solutions, and regardless of your taste and budget, you can always find the pet-friendly carpeting suitable for you among them.

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