Ruggable Washable Rug Review

Ruggable Review: The Washable Rug Most People Should Buy in 2024

Ruggable Review: The Washable Rug Most People Should Buy in 2024 1024 651 Jennifer Dean

Why I Bought Ruggable

Having two kids under the age of five, plus a dog and cat at home can be so tough! The cleanups are endless. There are always spills, dirty finger marks, muddy paw prints, and crayons that are smashed all over the place, especially the floor! So for a few months, I had been searching for creative ways to lessen the mess. I Googled a bunch of brands and products, but nothing really stood out to me…until Ruggable came up as an ad on Instagram!

What struck me first was their super engaging Instagram account. It’s so important to me to check out a brand’s social media presence before I actually purchase a product. Somehow, I personally feel like the more effort that is put into having a beautiful social media page, the more I trust the product!

cats carpet

Ruggable definitely delivered on that front. I was so blown away by their pictures on Instagram, that I almost overlooked the fact that they are completely washing machine-friendly!

According to their reviews, the rugs are entirely safe to wash and dry at home. This is a game-changer and sounded perfect for the situation I was in (thanks, Instagram ads!). The more I read, the more convinced I was that this was the brand for me. One mum, like myself, commented that they were allergy-friendly and that they used vegan materials. It suited our lifestyle, so I bought the Ruggable rugs that very day.

The Setup

Mickey Rug

Disney rug from Ruggable

I ordered two Ruggables, one for the living room and one for the room my daughters play in. I decided to buy a second rug (without ever having tried them out) on my first purchase because my daughters are currently obsessed with Disney’s cartoons. Ruggable has these cute Mickey mouse patterned rugs that match my kids’ playroom perfectly. Plus, who can say no to something Disney-themed? Anyway, had I decided against a rug, Ruggable’s reviews say that returning a product to them was fairly easy and convenient. To me, there’s no way I could lose.

When my purchases were delivered, they were packed into a tall box. I took a peek and saw the rugs were neatly fit into the compact container, and it was effortless to carry into our home. I laid them out first to get a good look at the rugs. My first impression of the Ruggables was that they were very lightweight and comfortable. The rug felt super soft and delicate to the touch. They’re easy to assemble on the floor and are not cumbersome to move around. They fit into the rooms with ease.

At first, I moved the rugs about, just to get a good view of where it would look best. I finally decided to just set it up under our coffee table in the living room. It went beautifully with the rest of our furniture. Then I put the Disney carpet right in the middle of our daughters’ play area, so they can choose to roll around it if they want.

ruggable washine machine

Within just a few days of getting them (probably a week or so), one of the kids had an accident involving a sippy cup, so we had to wash one of the rugs already. It didn’t stain but would have definitely gotten sticky if left alone, so into the washer it went.

Honestly, I was expecting it to be a struggle to fit into our small-sized washer, but it fit in great! The instructions said we could put it in the dryer too, so when it was done washing, we ran it through a drying cycle, which came out good as new. Do note though, previous reviews that I read all told me to pre-treat it before washing it, and I did do that. It was spotless and soft when it was cleaned.

The rugs are definitely blending perfectly into our home life. They’ve made cleaning up less complicated and stressful, and even our dog’s dirty pawprints aren’t much of a bother anymore. Not to mention how much easier it’s been to vacuum around our house. I give the rugs themselves a quick pass of the vacuum, then lift it up easily to get to whatever dirt got under it.

Our daughters’ playroom floor has also had a reprieve from juice and color stains, all thanks to their rug. Plus, and maybe most importantly, the rugs are non-slip, so I’m always reassured that my daughters can run around safely.

My Pros & Cons

2 piece pad peel back

So all in all, I am impressed with the Ruggable! Here are my pros (and one con!):

  1. These rugs are affordable and totally worth it, especially if you have kids and pets. The fact that they are machine washable is just a lifesaver in tricky – and even icky – situations. The rugs being washing machine and dryer-friendly is a huge selling point! I’ve even posted about the rugs on a local mums’ Facebook group already because I’m that satisfied with these products.
  2. They’re straightforward to “assemble“, and I’m using that in its loosest meaning possible. Just roll the rug cover up, then lay it on the rug pad, and you’re all set! It was so easy, though I did look at the tutorial videos they have on their page, to make sure I was doing it right.
  3. They are made from vegan materials and are allergy-friendly – again, super convenient if you have kids, so you don’t have to worry about the products they are surrounded with potentially causing rashes, allergic reactions, or anything like that. It being vegan also takes care of the moral dilemma of causing environmental damages from buying these rugs, so that’s another plus!
  4. They are very lightweight and come in a tall, skinny box that’s easy to carry. It’s easy to move around in your house until you find the perfect spot for them, just like I did. They also stay put and aren’t slippery at all, due to their rubber-like undersides, making it even more child-friendly. I don’t worry as much about my kids faceplanting while running around.
  5. They come in so many sizes – I was super impressed by this on their website as well! Both rugs I got were in completely different sizes! By my count, I had six sizes to choose from. The one we got for the living room was circular, and the Disney one we got was an 8 x 10 large one for the kids’ room. Don’t worry about the size – it still folds up really easily for any laundry-worthy incidents.
  6. They have hundreds of designs! Choosing the Disney one was easy because I just got the girls to point out the style they wanted. However, it took me about twenty minutes to go through all the rugs to choose what would be put in our living room. They have designs ranging from contemporary, to ombre, to geometric, to bohemian. I was so overwhelmed!!! I ended up choosing a solid light blue color that complimented our existing furniture very well. In the future though, I hope there’d be more cartoon-collaborated themes for children since not everyone likes Mickey Mouse anymore (tragic, I know).
  7. In my search through Ruggable’s page, I saw that they not only make great rugs, they also serve a great cause! As a mum of two, I know how difficult it is to raise and manage kids, and that’s with a complete set of stuff. I find it heart-warming that Ruggable donates essential things to new mothers who may need it.

My One Con:

  1. The edges of the rug do start to fray and bend upward after a little while. At first, the rug cover sticks perfectly to the rug pad underneath it, but I think pulling at it for laundry needs might be taking a toll on the adhesion. It’s only the edges that have this problem though. I fixed this by placing furniture on the edges, but this made it bothersome to move everything whenever I wanted the rug washed!

Tips for Optimum Ruggable Experience

washable rug washer

Washing tips:

  1. Treat the spots or stains with some dry cleaning solvent or a laundry stain stick before washing it!
  2. Normal washing temperature and time work fine for the rugs, then dry them on low heat.
  3. They’re easily foldable, so fold them into the smallest possible size, or as small as you can, before putting them into the machine for optimum washing (and drying).

General usage tip: Don’t put a lot of heavy furniture on the rug (such as a table or a couch), because you will have to move that furniture every time you wash it. I suggest the rug be kept in children’s rooms, hallways, or kitchens, where there are open spaces. The rugs definitely brighten up those spots too!

many designs

There you have it! I am now a huge fan of Ruggable washable rug and will be recommending them to my friends in the future. This purchase was totally worth it, and adds so much life to our house!

Some Designs I Recommend:

  • Solid
  • Shag
  • Transitional
  • Floral
  • Bohemian
  • Moroccan
  • Contemporary
  • Modern Tribal
  • Traditional
  • Geometric
  • Persian

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who Owns Ruggable?

Jeneva Bell is Ruggable ‘s founder, who incorporates its patented technologies to create a two-part, easy-to-wash rug.

Is Ruggable Rug Waterproof?

A Ruggable rug has been built to be washable but not waterproof. It doesn’t have any IP rating like your smartphone. While it is water-resistant, when you spill something on it, there’s still a risk that the pad underneath it might be stained as well.

How to Install Your Washable Ruggable Rug?

See this video here for the step-by-step assembly instruction.

Can You Vacuum a Ruggable Rug?

Yes, you can. Please adjust to low suction levels on your vacuum cleaner. Avoid using heavy-beater brushes or abrasive vacuum attachments as they can wear down the rug cover fast.

Ruggable recommends not to use a robot vacuum like a Roomba, but I actually tried and did not find any significant drop in cleaning efficiency relative to most carpeted flooring. The only thing your autonomous robotic vacuum cleaners may have struggled with is when your rug is all black, a common problem found in all robot vacuums.

How to Wash Ruggable?

I recommend you to use a mild and non-bleach detergent to wash your rug cover in cold water. The rug cover can then be dried in the dryer at low heat. You can also air dry on drying racks.

What Are Ruggable Rugs Made Of?

The Rug Cover is made of water-resistant polyester with a polyurethane layer with the corners having a 100 percent silicone outer coating.

The Pad is composed of recycled polyester and thermoplastic rubber which is a synthetic latex-free material most commonly used in home yoga mats.

Are Ruggable Rugs Good?

Design Styles

Of course! I’m so pleased I bought these rugs, and I’m certainly not going to return them. I’m just grossed out by the thought of absolutely non-washable mats now. All my future area rugs will be a Ruggable, or at least the rug must be fully washable in a washing machine.

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