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Shaw Carpet Review: Don’t Buy New Carpets Until You Read This

Shaw Carpet Review: Don’t Buy New Carpets Until You Read This 1024 823 Marvin Wallace

Selecting a carpet for your floor is an important decision. It is one item that can enhance or diminish the aesthetics of your home interior or commercial areas. Apart from aesthetics, it also provides comfort to your living spaces.

There are certain factors that you have to consider while selecting a carpet. These factors include quality, color, texture, and pattern of the rug.

Besides, your choice of carpet would also depend on the family members living with you. Having small kids or pets can be a major deciding factor while selecting the type of carpet for your home spaces.

For this, you need to have a good knowledge of different carpets so that you can select the most suitable carpets for your specific purpose.

However, to be on the safer side, it is always advisable to buy your carpet from a well-reputed carpet brand. This way, you will have to focus only on a few factors related to the design aspects of the carpet. You can rely on the manufacturer to take care of the quality and durability of the product.

Shaw is one such leading brand in the field of carpet making in the US that is known for its quality and high reliability.

About Shaw Industries

Clarence Shaw bought a commission dye company in 1946. He started this company as Star Dye Company which is now known as Shaw Industries Group, Inc.

It has been a Fortune 500 company and made its appearance into the coveted list for the first time, in the year 1985.

It is, at present, one of the biggest and fastest-growing carpet manufacturers in the world. Shaw’s carpets are regarded as one of the most durable carpets with a wide variety of products collection for multiple uses. Every part is made in the USA to provide consistency in quality.

Selecting the Carpet Collection

Carpet Collection Choices

With the full range of carpets collection such as the Colorwall, Caress, Bellera, Simply the Best, Foundations, TruAccents, Shaw can supply from the most basic to the most advanced needs of its varied customers.

It is a good idea for you to have a feel of the carpets. You can make a visit to nearby Shaw stores for the purpose. Besides, before finalizing the carpet you should take the samples to your home and minutely observe the effects of different light shades on the samples during different time-zones throughout the day.

As a customer, you need to understand that every room or space has different requirements. The carpet that you would like to have for your drawing room would be different than the one that you would want for your bedroom etc. Shaw offers many colors, patterns, textures, etc. for all its diverse collections.


The choice of texture mainly depends on its usage type. And the usage type is mostly determined by the traffic in the area.

A high traffic area demands a thicker carpet to avoid faster wear & tear. On the other hand, areas where the traffic is not too high, a long length carpet, would be more suitable.

The texture of a carpet depends on the type of fibers used, and also on the process of making the carpet. The above combination determines the strength, durability, and level of slackness of the carpet.

A loosely wound carpet, for instance, might be thicker, but not as strong as the carpets with closely wound loops.

So, you can select a looped texture for the carpets for areas like the passages where there is high traffic. Nylon would be the most suitable fiber for such areas to have high durability.

However, the kid’s room or the study room may not require such high strength carpets and a polyester fiber would just be sufficient to have required durability.

With Shaw, you can select multiple styles in the loop as well as twist texture type.


The overall interior of your room can be a major criterion to decide the color of your carpet. There are some colors that may blend with only a few specific interiors while some others are universal and may match with most of the home decor.

Apart from blending with the rooms’ interiors, you may choose a color that does not reveal the stains on the carpet so easily.

Some of the color range that Shaw covers includes Beige, Gold, Orange, Violet, Blue, Grey, and Red, etc. All these colors further come with patches of other colors that can be used as a disguise to the stains caused by the frequent use or some accidental spillages.

With this wide modern range of colors, you do not need to compromise with your choice. You can get the exact color combination that you want for all your different floor spaces.

The important thing to remember here is to carry some swatches home and observe them under different light conditions at various times to be doubly sure that the colors that you have chosen are actually the colors that you want for the different spaces.


Shawfloors Caress Display

The carpet with a perfect matching with your interior can do wonders with the overall aesthetics of the room. And with Shaw carpets, there is a very high possibility of getting the perfect matching.

There are numerous patterns available to blend with different interior design themes. It ranges from the most conventional to the most modern style, with each pattern supported by a range of colors. All together, it makes a grand collection of carpet range, thus making it highly suitable for almost all types of designs and themes.

The patterns not only have a wide range of colors but also have different thicknesses. Many of the patterns even come in varied densities of loops.

These patterns create an entirely different texture and offer you a different level of satisfaction while using them.

These twists and loops not only are a great feast to your eyes but also provide a highly comfortable feel while you walk over them.

And it is not all about the fanciest of carpet patterns like Berber. Shaw also offers the most simplistic of designs for those who just want a plain carpet for their spaces.


Wool has been used as the traditional material to make the carpets. It provides comfort and warmth to the traditional carpets. Besides, wool gives the carpet much-needed durability.

Apart from natural materials, carpet manufacturers are nowadays using many synthetic materials in making the carpet. The use of synthetic material has reached a level where it has taken over the traditional woolen carpets by a fair margin.

There are many advantages that synthetic materials have over traditional materials like wool. For instance, they are cheaper as compared to the woolen carpets. Besides, they can maintain their colors or shine for a much more extended period.

Different materials that are used in the carpets manufactured by Shaw include All Nylon, All Polyester, and mixed Nylon & Polyester. Below are the different materials used by Shaw in making the carpets:

  • Nylon
    • All Nylon
    • Anso Nylon
    • R2X Nylon
    • Stainmaster Nylon
  • Polyester
    • All Polyester
    • Cleartouch Polyester


As far as long-lasting and durable carpets are concerned, Polyester is one of the leading synthetic materials used by most of the carpet manufacturers. It is a flexible and good-looking material that enhances the beauty of your home decor for long.

In addition, these materials are relatively eco-friendly and prove to be a good option while considering productivity as a factor.

They can be woven into a wide variety of colors and patterns and thus, you can easily match a perfect Polyester material with your requirements.

Shaw’s Cleartouch Polyester is a beautifully woven material that brings-in an extra touch of quality to your carpets. All Polyester material is a tough material. It is also staining & fading resistant material.

Though the durability of polyester doesn’t seem to stand that well against nylon, it is a wise choice keeping in mind the popularity and cost.


In terms of durability, nothing can match the superiority of nylon material. Anso, R2X, Stainmaster and all of the nylon’s other types are a perfect choice to give your homes an alluring look.

These are comfortable materials that resist strikes of time in an unbelievably efficient manner. Their soft fibers and easy customization properties make them a perfect choice for living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms as well as halls.

However, in terms of resisting stains, nylon may not be the best match. It is a bit absorbent material that won’t entirely combat well against unwanted stains.


The backing is like an underskin of carpet that covers up all the stitches of the carpet. Besides, it keeps the carpet together.

Shaw has 3 different types of backing for its different carpets:

  1. LifeGuard
  2. Classic Bac and
  3. Soft Bac

Classic Bac is the simple, standard design and serves the usual purpose of a Backing.

LifeGuard, however, adds value to the Backing feature of the carpet by giving it a waterproof design.

So, carpets with LifeGuard Backing are particularly useful for the areas where there are chances of water spillages like bathrooms.

One of the significant advantages of these Backings is that it prevents mold growth as they do not soak any of the fluid material.

Always Active

Shaw Rug Detail

‘Always Active’ is a very special label of Shaw, under which it manufactures many of its products. This particular feature indicates the fact that these carpets are perfect for bearing the physical abuse of your children and pets.

These carpets last much longer than their counterparts. Also, they are designed with smart technology that efficiently resists harsher treatments. They are capable of outlasting spills, stains, soil, and odors that add on to their overall convenience.

The ‘Always Active’ tag assures you about the durability and quality of the carpet. This way, you need not worry about the damages caused to your carpet due to immoderate foot traffic, exhaustive usage, and wildest of handling.


Shaw Flooring carpeting’s typical cost largely depends on whether you are buying it per square foot or square yard. Most top-quality carpets per square foot will cost you from $3.50 to $7.50, but you might be able to find a better offer through wholesale.

Depending on your requirements and customization, extra fees may apply, including whether or not you need your carpet to be completely assembled. You would expect to pay a certified Shaw contractor up to $6.00 per yard of installation fees, but this could differ elsewhere.

Additional fees may apply should you want to dispose or dismantle your old carpet, involving moving heavy pieces of furniture or installing carpet in highly intricate layouts.

Mohawk vs Shaw Carpets

Mohawk vs Shaw

Mohawk Group and Shaw Carpets are two of the most popular carpet options available in the market. And if your requirements leave you with these two outstanding carpet choices, things might get a bit tricky for you.

With their similar quality and more-or-less the same properties, finding the better out of them is not that easy. Many factors play major parts in this analysis.


While Mohawk carpets offer you resistance against unwanted stains and spills, Shaw stands well in countering stains, spills, soil as well as odor. This also makes the maintenance aspect pretty simple in both of them.

Price Range

In the case of Shaw carpets, you would enjoy an extra-wide price range as these are available at both extravagant and pocket-friendly prices. Whereas Mohawk is a much better choice if you are looking for a budget-friendly carpet.


With Mohawk SmartStrand Silk carpets, you can enjoy the softest and comfortable fabric that is capable of tolerating higher foot traffic. Shaw carpets, on the other hand, are more suitable for rough and tough usage that has to withstand excessive foot load and traffic, and yet still soft enough.


While Mohawk carpets are available mainly in the soft, delicate and intimate designs and styles, you will find an enormous variety of colors, patterns, and styles in the case of Shaw carpets.


Both companies make carpet flooring from low budget to high budget, so you can find one suitable for your own needs, from the basic to the high-end luxurious and sumptuous ones. If unsure, simply visit or call them for a quote.

The Verdict

Shaw Carpet Reviews

Shaw, as evident, has a wide range of carpets for domestic as well as industrial purposes. The kind of colors, texture, and patterns it provides only enhances the aesthetics of your home decor while providing you a highly durable floor solution.

You can choose from different varieties of highly strong and durable carpets for high traffic areas to the moderately strong carpets suitable for the low movement areas.

It also offers the waterproof option that adds great value to the carpet while saving it from the attack of any liquid that may cause mold growth and damages.

Synthetic materials like Nylon and Polyester, on the one hand help in designing cheaper carpets as compared to the traditional woolen carpets. On the other hand, they provide the capability to hold color and shine for a long duration.

On comparing this giant of the carpet industry with another one i.e., Mohawk, both offer some fantastic features to their customers.

While Mohawk is a soft and intimately styled carpet, Shaw provides you a wide variety of features and styles and thus provides a solution that perfectly blends with all designs & themes of home decor for any living space.

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