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The 10 Best Carpet Rakes of 2024 for Fluffing up a Flat, Dead-Looking Carpet

The 10 Best Carpet Rakes of 2024 for Fluffing up a Flat, Dead-Looking Carpet 1024 683 Jennifer Dean

What if you could keep your carpet looking great instead of throwing it away? A carpet rake helps loosen the debris that gets caught deep in the fibers. There’s an easy way to do this: just use a good old fashioned vacuum and then follow up with a quick pass over with one of these tools!

But the possibilities are endless, and you could spend hours, days, even years looking for the perfect carpet rake. What about this one? It has a low rating because of its lack of durability, but it is very affordable, so maybe that’s something to consider if your budget doesn’t allow anything more expensive.

Our  top 10 reviewed carpet rakes  provide many options which can be overwhelming when trying to find just what you’re looking for; whether home or car carpets or complete kits with stain removers like ketchup, drink spills, and pet messes, there are plenty available based on your preference.

Top 10 Best Carpet Rakes To Buy

  • Best Overall: Quality Line Universal Carpet Rake
  • Best Commercial Grade: Grandi Groom Carpet Rake
  • Best Roller Brush: CLEANOVATION Rug Renovator
  • Best Value: FURemover Carpet Rake
  • Best Soft Bristle: MR.SIGA Soft Bristle Rubber Broom
  • Best Long Handle: Treelen Dog Hair Carpet Rake
  • Best Handheld: Groom Industries Handi Groom Brush
  • Best Multi-Purpose: The Dustpan and Brush Store Carpet Broom
  • Best with Dustpan: Chouqing Self-Cleaning Dust Pan and Broom
  • Most Durable: RAVMAG Silicone Carpet Rake

1. Best Overall: Quality Line Universal Carpet Rake


Quality Line Universal Carpet Rake

If you have cats or dogs in your house, then the Quality Line Universal Carpet Rake is an absolute must-have. The brush head has metal bristles that are spaced far enough apart to get every single hair, even those hidden deep under carpet fibers! It can also be used on stairs and any carpet floors and other areas your pets frequent.

The 4-foot long telescopic handle helps you achieve the right height for your desired comfort level with ease. The non-slip grip ensures that it will be in good hands when under pressure!

And don’t risk waking up your pets by using a vacuum cleaner! The Quality Line Universal Carpet Rake can clean carpets and rugs without making any noise, so you’ll never have to worry about upsetting them.

2. Best Commercial Grade: Grandi Groom Carpet Rake


Grandi Groom AB24 Carpet Rake

The Grandi Groom AB24 Carpet Rake’s nylon tines will provide you with a quick and easy way to remove dirt, particles, and pet hair from your floor or carpet.

With a super-wide 18-inch head that is perfect for larger areas of space in all directions, as well as tough bristles which loosen debris within the fabric weave of both carpets and hard floors alike to work more efficiently than other rakes on the market today!

This convenient tool can be used not only for removing vacuum tracks but also giving your home’s flooring surfaces a neatened up appearance by lifting rug fibers closer together once again after vacuuming has lifted them away–making it feel like new without having to replace any major portions entirely due simply wear down over time.

3. Best Roller Brush: CLEANOVATION Rug Renovator


CLEANOVATION Rug Renovator Roller Brush

Cleanovation is a company that specializes in the best household tools for all your cleaning needs. Cleanovations’s carpet rake has many features and options to help you clean no matter what type of rug you have or how messy it is.

It has two brushes on opposite sides which can be switched out depending on the mess at hand, making this product perfect for any home!

This compact tool comes with a removable telescoping handle so it’s easy to store after use.

With an eye-catching design complete with colors as bright as coatings they paint cars with (think Ferrari!), not only will this make sure every speckle falls away but also add some style into your day while doing so!

4. Best Value: FURemover Carpet Rake



FURemover Broom

Cleaning up pet hair and dirt has never been easier with the FURemover and Brush Combo. The set includes a broom, handheld brush, squeegee edge for windows, showers, or car windshields – all made from natural rubber to not damage surfaces.

Both tools have adjustable handles so you can work comfortably while cleaning your home’s surface areas like shag carpets and hardwood thoroughly using the washable brushes that include a squeegee side too!

5. Best Soft Bristle: MR.SIGA Soft Bristle Rubber Broom


Mr Siga Soft Bristle Rubber Broom

It’s time to clean your carpet! Looking for a quality, soft, durable brush? Check out the Mr. Siga Carpet Rake: one side features soft TPR rubber bristles that act as magnets and attract debris without damaging carpets or floors; while on the other side there is a squeegee-style scrubber with rubber teeth designed specifically for removing dirt from even hard surfaces like tile, stone flooring, grout lines, etc.

After your scrubbing job, just rinse it with water and soap to make the broom last for a long time.

6. Best Long Handle: Treelen Dog Hair Carpet Rake


Treelen Dog Hair Remover

TreeLen’s carpet rake for pet hair just got a significant upgrade from its previous model. The most impressive feature is its adjustable telescopic extension pole which can be extended up to 59 inches in length! No more bending for hard-to-reach areas.

The new and innovative design of electrostatic rubber bristles attracts dirt from all over your floor or carpet without the risk of it flying all around you. This product will be more efficient than regular brooms at collecting hair for pet owners who have pets with long fur.

While TreeLen carpet rake can be used to clean up pet hair, it’s also great for wiping away liquid spills on different types of floors and furniture! For example, you’ll never have an issue getting rid of those pesky water droplets from your shower door or glass table anymore! And don’t forget about garages – there are always plenty of places that need sweeping after a long day at work or details in between car washes.

With this brush combined with its squeegee edge, all these tasks will no longer take as much time out of your busy schedule because they’re so easy now, thanks to simple tools like this one here today!

7. Best Handheld Spot Scrubber: Groom Industries Handi Groom Brush


Groom Industries Handi Groom Brush

For people who want to do spot cleaning on their carpets with a handheld option, the Groom Industries Handi Groomer Brush puts you closer to crevices in carpets, upholstery, Persian rugs, and more.

The brush sports an ergonomic lightweight handle that goes easy on your hands. When it comes time for cleaning up stains or just refreshing carpeting, this rugged tool with soft bristle is small but tough enough for any job!

8. Best Multi-Purpose: The Dustpan and Brush Store Carpet Broom


TDBS Multi-Purpose Rubber Broom

You can say goodbye to pet hair and fur on your carpet. The magic sweeper broom from TDBS with rubber bristles features a built-in squeegee that is perfect for removing water, making it the ideal wet room or kitchen sink scrubber! It is also suitable for use as a push-broom and carpet rake.

9. Best with Dustpan: Chouqing Self-Cleaning Dust Pan and Broom


Chouqing Dust Pan and Broom

Remove all the dust, hair, and dirt from your home with ease by purchasing this self-cleaning broom. It is made of durable material that will not lose its shape, has an extensible 49-inch long handle for easy use in any position, does not require bending to sweep because it can stand upright comfortably!

Moreover, it features four rows of high-quality bristles designed to pick up tiny bits off the floor without spreading them around too much.

The upgraded design with a built-in dustpan ensures you’ll be able to do more cleanup work faster than ever before–perfect if you have pets or children at home who are always tracking things across carpeted floors as they go about their day!

10. Most Durable Carpet Rake: RAVMAG Silicone Carpet Rake


RAVMAG Silicone

The RAVMAG Silicone Carpet Rake is an excellent tool for those who need to remove hair from their carpets, no matter the source. The device features static electricity that pulls and collects animal hairs (or humans) out of your carpet so you can keep it looking new! It also has a 15.7-inch head with an adjustable knuckle joint, making getting all areas accessible easy as pie.

With a single-cast design, you can be confident of its toughness and durability.

This two-head broom/squeegee not only works on dry surfaces but wet ones too – what more could one ask for in an excellent cleaning solution?!

Why Should You Use Carpet Rakes?


carpet for dogs

Carpet rakes can be used to remove pet hair, odor, dust, and other debris from your carpet. Carpets should be periodically cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, but you may not always have the time or desire to do so. They are an effective tool for removing these undesirables without requiring that they be hosed down afterward.

You can also revive your carpets with rug rakes. The rakes work by combing the fibers uniformly, giving the carpet flooring a new look.

Our experience has shown that raking carpets before vacuuming can loosen the embedded dirt for cleaning your home more efficiently, and post vacuum raking will give carpets a fresh, clean look.

How to Choose a Carpet Rake?

There are dozens of carpet rake brands. You have to think about what kind of rake might work best for the type of rug you need raking too! There are many factors that come into play when choosing an appropriate tool, which is why we’ve made this helpful feature list:

  • Heavy-duty use: If many people live in the home and many pets, this is heavy-duty use.
  • Light-duty use: If few people live in the home and few pets, this is light-duty use.
  • Presence of a pet: This means that there might be animal hair on the carpet.
  • Particles present in carpet fibers: There could be some kind of dirt or dust on the floor or clothes.
  • Carpet surface type: There are two main types of carpets – wool and nylon. Wool carpets fuzz after they have been groomed whereas nylon carpets stay smooth after grooming.
  • Size of area to be groomed: The larger your carpet area, the longer sized brush head you might need for more efficient cleaning.

How to Use Carpet Rake?

Professional and commercial carpet cleaners use rakes up to 18 inches to agitate carpets before cleaning and during the post-cleaning wrap-up. Homeowners like 12-inch models, which are easier to store in pantries than their larger counterparts but just as effective at cleaning up.

Get your brand new carpet rake ready and make sure the head is securely screwed on to avoid any accidents while you’re cleaning; it’s best to extend the handle before tightening anything in place so that you can get more leverage when reaching hard-to-reach places like under furniture or around corners where dirt loves to hide! Press down lightly against deep carpets until they are well covered with pressure, then move across using short strokes for a thorough clean. If there seems too much hair left behind on the bristles by sweeping (hint: this happens all of the time), use either your hands or a comb to remove them.

How Often Should You Use a Carpet Rake?

It is difficult to give a precise number for how often carpets should be raked. It really depends, but most people rake their carpets between two and ten times a year – the frequency varies depending on factors like traffic patterns, whether or not you have pets in the house, as well as if it gets vacuumed more than once per week.


A carpet rake is a great little investment if your carpet is starting to look a little dingy. It pulls dirt and hair from the carpeting. It can also lift and un-mat the pile, eliminating the marks of high traffic or worn areas on carpets.

We hope this answers your questions about carpet rake. We recommend that you use this effective tool to give your old, dirty carpets the love they deserve by getting them cleaned!

If you buy something on this page, we may get a small share of sale at no additional cost to you. We only recommend products that we have used ourselves and feel are really useful, not because of the limited compensation from the links through our posts.

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